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Overseas Shipping: The Rant Vol. 2




I'm gonna keep this one brief. A full set of mint-condition 2001 Matoran for $64.99. That makes less than $11 a piece.


Sweet deal, right?


Add $7.50 for shipping to a friend in the States, because the seller doesn't ship overseas.


Add $48.00 for shipping to me, because I am not having the affordable service with a 75% success rate in delivery.


Still a sweet deal, right?


Add a 20% VAT on the entire total at customs, then several small "service" fees for retrieving and releasing my "goods."


*grits teeth*


Still a sweat deal... right?


Update: As it turns out, I had to pay a smaller tax at customs than I'd originally anticipated. Then when I inspected the package closely, I found out it had been marked as a gift, so not only could I have avoided the tax, but it was practically illegal for customs to tax me.


In any case, yes, the Tohunga sets are entirely worth it. YOLO.

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:kaukau: I recently had to pay $49 for a letter.  A freaking letter.  And the most embarassing part?  They stamped the price on the package.  Now someone is going to realize that I dropped nearly fifty just to with a happy birthday.


And your deal is so sweat.  Just to make it a little sweeter, you should include some candy with your shipping.



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