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Our Supernatural Bulwarks Against Supernatural Terror

The Hip Historian Iaredios



So I made a list of fictional people (or fictional versions of people) from different eras that could time travel and defend the earth in case of a great or cosmic supernatural threat to the planet Earth. At the bottom will be possible contenders that I am iffy on. To make it on the list they have to live on the planet earth, no alien, fantasy worlds not set on our planet Earth, and generally has to be supernatural/horror/Halloween friendly.

  • Antiquity - Hercules
  • Late Antiquity - King Arthur and the gang
  • Renaissance-Baroque Period - Belmonts, Solomon Kane
  • Enlightenment Period - Joana Constantine
  • Victorian Period - Van Helsing, Johnathan Joestar
  • 1900's - Present Day - Joeseph Joestar (and Speedwagon Foundation), Zatana, Dr. Stephen Strange, Ghost Rider, Ash Williams, Blade, John Constantine, Heckboy, Raven, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashkata, Swamp Thing, Animal Man


  • Kull of Atlantis
  • Conan the Cimmerian
  • Dante (Dante's Inferno video game)
  • Dante (Devil May Cry video game)
  • Kratos
  • Alucard (Hellsing)
  • MeninBlack (film and animated series)
  • Hoss del Gado
  • Dream/Sandman

Other's recommendations:

  • The Doctor (Doctor Who)
  • Danny Phantom
  • Yugi (Yugioh)
  • Ghostbusters

So, judge my list, give me any thoughts to it, and give me recommendations to add to it!


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:kaukau: Although he has famously traveled in time to solve problems, I guess that Superman doesn't count since, though he's super and he's natural, he isn't supernatural.  Anyhow, just to name a few other examples...


Dean Winchester.

Raziel (from Soul Reaver 2, a video game, and honestly a great costume)

Bill Murray

Samurai Jack

Kim Possible


You know, speaking of this, I need to do a Legacy of Kain marathon.  Hmm...


No really, I strongly recommend Raziel.  Soul Reaver was an awesome game.  If you get this whole time-travel gig working, can you take me back to the 90's when I still had this game?



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