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new background (2020)

Lo, a rare iaredius! Fond of nebulae and Roman art, I have fused them. First made a glowing blue edged edit of dynastic emblem of the Comnenus dynasty, then made my own personal monogram. Tired of a plain black background with only this blue bird, I made the creature somewhat holographic and placed a befitting nebula as its background. Behold!

A visit to the past

So the website has returned! Though I do not frequent this site very much, I am glad that something that was once a big part of my life is still kicking. I thought it was to be gone forever. Huzzah, I say! Let this site carry on to the distant mists of time. As a minute life update: my family is moving by the end of this month, recently tried sake for the first time, and I bought my first sword today. I will have you know it was nothing of weebish nature, rather it was a Roman Imperial Spat

The Hip Historian Iaredios

The Hip Historian Iaredios


Hello folks. I have a Teepublic store. It mostly covers obscure history stuff but I also publish designs that I like (including the UDD). Its not much, but the extra 2-5 bucks that comes my way each purchase is nice. Thank you for visiting. https://www.teepublic.com/user/iaredios

Spring Break

So. Spring break is nearing its end. I had plans for it. Namely buying a sword. What happened to divert me so? Be sheer whimsy I saw Sid Meir's Civilization V on my list of owned Steam games, and decided to try it out. 4 days later I pronounce "Enough!" and I have ceased its usage entirely. Game is addictive in a way unlike anything i have seen, and its give-back is near nothing. Its an unhealthy addiction that has robbed me of time I was so looking forward to for the month prior. My cousin had

Stellaris Space Romans - Origins

So I started watching the OG Star Trek series, and loving it. It has put me in a sci-fi mood lately. In spirit of this, I have picked up Stellaris again. My, there have been quite a few changes to this game, and I welcome most of them! Game is more fun now. I revisited the Roman Empire space civilization i designed and touched upon some details before wiping all my previous saves and starting a new campaign with my interstellar Roman Empire.   Many of you may be thinking, "How th


[This review is spoiler free]   An unpopular opinion (I have many of those), but I liked Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice, and the longer cut of the film makes it one of my favorite films. With it's release, many more DC Comic movies were set for release. One of these was a welcome surprise, Aquaman, and i have been waiting to see this movie for a couple of years now.   Despite his ridicule across the past half-century, I always thought Aquaman was cool, and after reading Geoff John's take on

Dynasties of the Empire of the Romans - Part 1

I had an un-submitted blog post detailing about half of the history of the Roman Empire. It was a great wall of text even with spacing. So I decided to split it into many posts. First, let us go over the most famous period of the Roman empire, its first two centuries, the golden age know as the Roman Peace, or the Pax Romana. Despite its name, this era is not entirely devoid of civil strife, but it pales compared to the millennia following. Though it started in the ancient city of Rome, the Roma

Our Supernatural Bulwarks Against Supernatural Terror

So I made a list of fictional people (or fictional versions of people) from different eras that could time travel and defend the earth in case of a great or cosmic supernatural threat to the planet Earth. At the bottom will be possible contenders that I am iffy on. To make it on the list they have to live on the planet earth, no alien, fantasy worlds not set on our planet Earth, and generally has to be supernatural/horror/Halloween friendly. Antiquity - Hercules Late Antiquity - King Arthur and

Mythopoeia Fuels Legendarium

Ever since I was little, I have been making worlds, either for myself to explore, or for my friends to join me in. Be it dinosaurs, neopets (that takes me back), Star Wars, Bionicle... I've always been the group lore-master.   Then i took my first foray into creative writing. To those that have been here long enough, I have undergone many a name change until I settled upon two, they being variants of RC15O5 OMEGA and, presently, iaredios. It was back in the reign of the former that I made my own

Flying Whales

SPACE WHALE   Art I made in 4 hours on August 24th. Inspired by an imaginative vision I had while listening to the Gojira album From Mars to Sirius. Art is two fold, just like the song Flying Whales, both incorporating it's fantasy subject of primordial-alien-space-whale-beings descending onto a partially terraformed Mars and teaching a man to fly and taking him to a planet in the Sirius system, as well as the other side of all of Earth's surface being underwater and the whales swimming above th

History Help Needed?

Greetings, how do you do fellow kids?       If anyone wants to ask a history question, then go on and do it here! What's keep'n you huh? I shall be thine school color book of cheat and will answer according to my powers... I specialize in medieval and ancient history, but by my me-sight most things are aware to big-tall me! Just keep it civil and respectful, i know this subject has many a sensitive scab.

First Blog Post

Funny how after all these years I've wanted to try out having a blog. Let's see how this works, shall we? Feels like an advanced status update. But hey, look, i can chose an 'entry image'. Why not start with my good old "Swagilicious Octavius" edit to the sound of Rainbow's Stargazer? Alriiiight...     Only thing going on right now is that i need to go back to eating properly, and i start work again next week. Found a possible replacement job so hopefully I wont need to do the present one for mu
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