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Spring Break

The Hip Historian Iaredios



So. Spring break is nearing its end. I had plans for it. Namely buying a sword. What happened to divert me so? Be sheer whimsy I saw Sid Meir's Civilization V on my list of owned Steam games, and decided to try it out. 4 days later I pronounce "Enough!" and I have ceased its usage entirely. Game is addictive in a way unlike anything i have seen, and its give-back is near nothing. Its an unhealthy addiction that has robbed me of time I was so looking forward to for the month prior. My cousin had something pop up that has made him unavailable to attend the state Renaissance Festival, now I shall either go with my brother or skip it in its entirety and purchase a sword at a sword shop at the local super-mall. I hope either have in stock the noble Spatha, because I want to get my Rome on (a Gladius is too small for my giant of a frame) and eat a lamb gyro hence'wards. i am also thinking of getting a credit card so I can get a worthwhile laptop and pay it off over time, thereby playing and beating the game of banker usury and showing our unwanted overlords that I am worthy of owning land in the future (away from their morgage-garbed prying hands, the nationless fiends). Woe to America for being in such a state, but there is little I can do then play the game and come out the better for it in the long run if I play right. And it starts with daddy wanting a better life-distraction machine.


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:kaukau: It's interesting to read a blog entry and relate to it as much as I do this.


Sweet Theotokos, that game is addicting.  I know well the struggle.  Back in 2015, when I had important college matters to attend to, I would pull an all-nighter on that game instead.  Remember how you said that you don't do Apple products because they're compatible with fewer games?  To me, that's probably a good thing.  I avoid video games like hey're the rats at Constantinople.


Interestingly enough, I'm at about the same position, looking at getting a credit card and using it for some of my larger, more consistent payments.  I said that I would be upgrading my smartphone, but it's looking increasingly likely that I'm going to be doing just that, plus getting my own provider, as well as paying for an apartment, and who knows what else.  Oh, potentially investing in a new car and auto insurance in a year or two.  That's a lot of money. May as well build credit while I'm at it.


As far as the Renaissance festivals are concerned...I've only been to one, and I didn't buy much, though I ran into a cousin who bought a sword.  Right now, I'm perfectly happy with my mint replica of the Helm of Sauron.  Perhaps I might visit such a festival again in the near future, presuming that I have the time, and if so, I do recall that I had a special fondness for wearable period objects.  If a classic shirt catches my fancy, I just might take it home with me.  Until then...I'm quite content with my acquisition of a couple of Han Fu kimonos.



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