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California Fires 2020




I was really happy when we got some summer rain earlier this week. I can't remember the last time that ever happened in my life, and it came with thunder and lightning which is also a rarity. It was cool at first, until I got to work on Monday and heard that it started a fire. It was small at first, but two days later, like all of them, it erupted into a monster. 32,000 acres burning, and although it started really far away its now threatening the home of some family friends, and where my sister keeps her horse stabled. The fire started only a few miles from where I work, but has gone the other direction, away from the biggest urban center in the area (of origin). I do not know the likelihood that this fire is going to threaten us. I'm not an expert. I've heard fires have trouble jumping highways which is what it would have to do but that's not really any comfort. My girlfriend lives on the other side of that highway and if keeps going the way it is, they will have to evacuate. Current containment is 0% as of last night.

My thoughts are going out to the victims. If asked to evacuate, please be responsible and do so. Hose down what you can, put a sprinkler on the roof and hope for the best. My gratitude is going out to the 501 people CalFire lists as personnel involved with this one.

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Wow, that's awful.  Hope you and everybody can stay safe down there.  Shame California seems to burn every summer. :( 



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