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What's been going' on with Zork?



It appears that BZP makes a triumphant return.

So, what have i been doing over the past few days?

Well, i was surprised by the emergence of a new trailer for Kirby And the Forgotten Land, and even more surprised by the release of a 3 level-long demo for the game. The demo shows off new features like "Mouthful Mode", which you either love or hate. (I love it) The game really reminds me of Kirby's Blowout Blast, most likely due to both games having B I G  K I R B Y

image.jpeg.45803330c82934b2b10231a7dffcc911.jpeg image.jpeg.86f7bd79cc2933dab891faccd49654cd.jpeg

(Also, both are 3d)

I've also been preparing for another Ye Olde Not-So-Good Film Review. 

Uh, wow, that entry was a lot shorter than i thought it'd be. Oh well! See ya later!


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What adorable blob creatures, reminds me of marshmallow Peeps. :lol: Actually wasn't aware that Kirby was Nintendo before today *feels lowkey robbed over missing this*.  Good luck on your film review!

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I'm personally really excited for Kirby. I basically grew up playing the series and to finally have a proper open-world 3d Kirby (not counting Air Ride City Mode) is really neat. 


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