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108+ Hours: Snow Leopard

Mushy the Mushroom


Hello! A scan of Snow. Audiobooks and art do jolly the heart!

9x12, watercolor paper, pencil and acrylic.

Drawing time: unknown, very undetailed sketch from years ago.

Painting time: 108 hours.

My scanner also has snipped off the edges here and no time to splice it.

*afraid to upload higher quality due to uncertainty about the current content size limits.*




Done in 30 minute to one hour bursts (Gauze and braces to control the hand swelling/protests).





The wacky way my mind apparently sees fit to document time...please no one check my addition.

*cringing at the crude sketch*


IMG_5453.jpg.fa2d2e3d89d161fbc757fed20f88333e.jpg 714982304_Scan_20210103(12)_Original(1).jpg.8c9fce477d485f4a25283acc1b70d153.jpg


 Finished in May before things went to utter dismay for a way. I won’t miss that wicked week of sleeping on shifts for safety. Hopefully legalthings will be settling, it’s so much bettering! Court ordered support, food is good, and using the window AC because it was in the 90s inside. My soul does sing, secret projecting, for such joy comes with rejecting all other things, for fast progress it brings! 

In fairytales it somehow seems easy, you see. It seems such villains only dare to disown stepdaughters and such, for it’s much more merciful to believe that blood is stronger than water. And the betrayers of trust seem nearly always blown away as little gusts of dust. Instead of the reality looking over one’s shoulder, but that’s when one can believe they’re surrounded by an army of invisible soldiers! 

I so do miss this dear dreamland of clockwork composed castles in the beaches of blog sand, but I understand that if I get writing, it’s absolutely igniting and I’m afraid I’d better wait just to be extra safe! (The predicament of being a happy hermit who hardly speaks a bit, this is my outlet. Those fairytale-fumblings, photo-fueled written fits. And can I use my words at all, if without some rhythm they fall? I often wonder if it gets on the nerves, if anyone might observe. If so, I apologize for any anguish over my singsong language. 


*imaginary frolicking and bursting at the seams with a continual project photoverload of Things I Shouldn’t Be Doing piling up* 


Thankfully right before bolting I did get another diagnosis(ish), autoimmune UTCD, due to positive ANA combined with all the other abnormal blood antibodies, so two connective tissue diseases now it seems. *Relief mingled with flashbacks of “Yay, it’s a true thing and nobody is furious for it and telling me it’s not real?!” What a wonderful world where weakness won’t be weaponized. I think I’m in that world now? At least safe in our own house! Successfully made the first eight hour, four appointment doctor daytrip at three different hospital locations in our 18 year old car the other day. Overwhelmed with gratitude that my mom is willing to wake & take me at three in the morning. And it’s lovely to get to do some art in the car, because the obsessive new-not-yet-allowed-to-talk-about projecting I am delightedly taking too far. We even remembered to pack the wheelchair! A treat because anymore the wheels get stuck on the stray nails in the “floor”, but hopefully staggering about is…strengthening? I wondered how bad the bloodwork would be, given the …haha.. uh…living conditions life's thrust upon us. But I promise now it’s at the level where it wouldn’t be condemned! Merely multiplying Monocytes. It may have been far worse! Neurology was…interesting. They think the problems are small fiber neuropathy, and are planning to do an EMG and muscle biopsy. Hoping Gabapentin will not make me a sloth, but sleeping more than four to six hours every 20 sounds miraculous. Also learned I cannot lift my toes which is odd to process. ENT dr.  #1 did reference eye scans at last to ensure Plaquenil doesn’t destroy my vision (escape equaled canceled appointment.) ENT dr. #2 was much more skilled at using the nasoscope than the prior person. Tip-top when terror goes to waste! They plan to take my tonsils and the adenoids because of infection. Antibiotics again. So strange, antibiotics all about lately. I have another dentist now and they prescribe pre meds every time to prevent endocarditis/infection? Now wondering if it was slightly scary that the swelling tooth infections weren't medicated at my old dentist, rather mysterious.


Okay, done rambling, real reason for beloved blogging is because I recklessly worked to the point where I couldn't walk again and resting was dull I have another 8hr drive daytrip for the fifth diagnostic GI procedure where they’re putting me under again is approaching. A tad precarious given the weirdness various, so a bit of art to show before I go! 


New friend groundhog must visit the blogs!

He has a hole there, just stands and stares.

*terrible tablet pic*


And a little oldhouse frog!

IMG_6340.thumb.jpg.b1e6b2d6fe4b882195c4d761b1da8950.jpg IMG_6335.thumb.jpg.71d0a9f8a65695f0bc47d431b8fe8711.jpg

🎶Just Thinking About Tomorrow

Clears Away The Cobwebs And The Sorrow 'Til There's None

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

So You Gotta Hang On 'Til Tomorrow, Come What May 🎶

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10 hours ago, Bonkle said:

This is incredible, wow. Thought it was a photograph at first glance.

Oh my, thanks bunches, you are so kind!

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