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Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well, I'm going to be able to start posting pics here on BZP by Friday.


So here's how the rest of my week went. I helped out with Summer Soaker on Wednesday and then I helped set up my youngest sister's Birthday party. Shortly after (in the middle of her party), I had to go to church.


Thursday, I really can't remember what I did.


Friday, I went to work, but my boss told me to stay home because he didn't think my hand looked good enough to do heavy lifting right now. I'm going back tommorrow for sure though.


Saturday, I went to the Wedding of one of my long time mentors with my parents. He'd been a very big example to me as to how I should strive to live my life. Once the wedding was over, I went to the Wedding Reception which lasted the rest of the day.


Now yesterday, was awesome. When we went to church, my sister (in her class, or group if you prefer) won a $120 gift card to TRU. So a couple of hours after Church and we had our house-work done we went to TRU. I myself still had a $20 gift card to TRU. When I went to the LEGO section guess what I found? VEZON & FENRAKK, and BRUTAKA! I screamed for joy and the one lady kept staring at me. So, when we left, my sister had a new bike, and I was two BIONICLE sets richer. Sadly they didn't have Axonn, but I'll probably order him from Shop@Home. So that means the only ones from this year that I don't yet have are Axonn, Umbra, and Vezon & Kardas. So that has been the exiting rest of my week. Hopefully, if not tommorrow, I'll post another entry on Wednesday.


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