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Depression And Hope

Great Being #1


Well as you all know what last week was like. BZP was out for 3 or 4 days, we had recieved reports of B-Shelf going to shut down, Maj was acting up and, there was a report of the Wiki going down (actually that was yesterday :(). Well it seems that there is hope in the future now. BZP is up and running better than ever, B-Shelf is staying open, the problems on Maj have calmed down but something remains to bee seen; that is the Wiki. The Wiki is curreently having problems with the server comany. They are asking we buy a server for our selves which costs 130$ a month! Now we dont need it but they insist. We have 5 days to do somehing about it. The Mods have started downloading the pages onto their comps and Swert is asking around for ideas.here is a shimmer of hope though as many people have sepped forward saying that they will donate to the Wiki. If you wish vote Here.


:infected: GB #1


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