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I Got Harry Potter!



*Got Harry Potter 7 last night*


*Read some of Harry Potter 7*


*Loved what I read*




With that over, yes I did get Harry Potter 7, and some other things. First, I got some stickers saying what I think of Snape.


Then, we went to the corner of the children's section to read some other HP books. When we were over there, I found 67 cents. I got to keep 62, because I gave a nickel to my sister.


After that, we walked around looking for other Harry Potter related things. We came across a lady who asked us some questions. I got "Who was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in the third book?" (answer Remus Lupin) I got it right and won a HP tatoo and a poster for an up coming movie.


Soon after that, the best part of the night came. The books were unloaded.


I expected it to take a while. But I didn't expect it to take two hours. Which it did.


So we did more reading. We also won this in a raffle drawing.


So finally, we got the book. It came with a poster.


The book




My poster




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Ah the American version... I'm glad I live in Canada, I have no idea why they change all those things in the US version.

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