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An Explanation




Ok, so I feel I should explain why I changed my name so suddenly.


As most of you know, Seranikai is a character in the books I'm writing. Originally, he was a good guy. A nice guy. A pretty awesome guy, if I do say so myself, so I was honoured to use the name. But that was when he hadn't appeared in person in the books. Now, much, much later, he has, and to put it simply, he's not nice. Not nice at all. To put it complicatedly, he's more of a genocidal psychopath, and I don't think that's a very good character to take a name from.


So I don't really want to use the name anymore. I MIGHT change back to Seran, or a variation on it, like Serrahn, or Serahk, or something like that. But anyway, now you all know. Or at least, those who've read this know. Aren't you lucky?


Ok, so I got it changed back, thanks to Black Six. You lot really don't know when to stop complaining, do you? :P


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Pyschopaths are somewhat cool people.They seem to be smarter than other people.Brainy and cool,what`s more awesome than that?
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Yeah...DV only gets confused if I change my name, so I'm back to normal. :P



Hey, while you were gone, there was this fellow with some dark and dreary name who tried to usurp your blog. It was quite the spectacle.


But he's gone now. Held him off for you.


Welcome back, though.

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Wow DV, whatever would I do without you? That's two people you've saved me from, Aero and this Dark guy.


Well done. ;)



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