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But Where Have I Been!? And Is There A Kit Update!?

Danska: Shadow Master


Which question do you want answered first? The second? First? Second? First? Second it is! And the answer is yes!


Now to answer the first question. I have been playing a fantastic game known as Knights of the Old Republic II. I've completed the first one numerous times, and after my friend foolishly bought the second having never played the first himself, I decided to suggest a mutually beneficial exchange: I lend him the first, he lends me the second.


I completed the game in a week. It's quite long. Does that tell you why I haven't been around much?


Alright alright, maybe I was obsessed/addicted for a bit. Well, I'd tend to claim otherwise, but others might not. Anyway, the game is amazing! Considerably darker than the first, sees the return of a disgruntled HK-47 and introduces a fantastic new character: Kreia! Surprisingly enough, I hated her at first and instantly labelled her as a "manipulative old witch-woman." I've now refined my opinion in some ways...and more I shall not say for fear of revealing too much.


There's nothing quite like charging into a palace and taking out an entire army single-handed with two silver-bladed lightsabers, is there? I mean, what's not to like? Also, if you're a Jedi Weapons Master you become so proficient at using two weapons you are pretty much granted a bonus, damage-wise, for it! Cyan lightsabers also look amazing - blue but better! And yeah, that was alliteration. Cool, huh?


Enough of my ranting. I suppose being told there's a kit update is quite frustrating when you can't see the update anywhere, yes? Then here it be: Danska's Bionicle Builder 2008 version 0.5! Contains the three Nuva and Toa Ignika.


But which to do next, Makuta or Matoran...? I believe slaughtering countless sith assassins and civilians shall reveal the answer. Yes...


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*bows to your new kit*


You again prove why you deserve your own style. It would have taken me and -X- until Jan. 2008 to do that. You just happen to have the pieces on hand :D


Good luck with dem Makutas. Yeah. -Swert

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Weeeell, I've been working on and off on these guys for some time now...and there are only about 10 or so new pieces so I can't claim to have been working super-fast. Thanks for your support.


Since you mentioned the Makuta, I may as well throw in the fact that I've nearly finished Antroz! Just the wings and weapons to go, and boy does he look awesome!


I think I'm gonna have to buy these guys.

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