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That Falling Ball...

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Last night, many families who weren't holding new years parties or outside banging pots and pans raced to the couch just before midnight to watch thousands of other people watching the huge, sparkling, metal ball drop down its metal pole, while an announcer in the background counted very slowly. Once it reached the bottom, people screamed at the top of their lungs, and fireworks shot off the top of the building.


The question today is, couldn't there be a more exciting way to enter the new year? What if they waited until the count of three to release the sparkle-ball, allowing it to shoot down the pole at top speed and, at the count of zero, explode into a shower of glass and sparks at the bottom?


Or what if they filled it with vinegar and baking soda, so it foams and fizzes as it drops?


What if, just as the ball reached the bottom, confetti-throwing aliens invaded the earth?




Okay, there is the boring Turakii thought of the day. :P


Happy New Year, everybody, and I hope you have a wonderful two-oh-oh-six-seven-eight!





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Or they could fill it with soda pop, shake it up real good, then drop it quickly. The resulting explosion would distribute the lovely beverage (and sharp glass and dangerous sparks, but hey, it's the new year) to the thristy crowd.

I'm starting to believe you think too much, Turakii. :P

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Each year, it should be filled with Bionicles, and the losers who don't like Bionicles would just leave them there, and then all the BZPers would get on Tohu's BioniSled and steal three dozen Phantoka. Yeah...........


Ok, never mind.

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My vote goes to the invasion of the confetti-throwing aliens. Maybe if we ask them real nicely, they would come down perfectly at midnight 2009. Ahh, that would be a night to remember...


Happy New Year! =D

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Yeah, the aliens would be sweet. But instead of confetti, they shoot soda. Or maybe they culd just fly the mothership over and start dumping the planet with soda... :D





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I greeted the new year in a much more exciting way:


See, my mom and little bro' bought this ginger-bread house kit to make on Christmas. Only problem was that the ginger-bread wasn't that high quality - by that I mean it was hard as a rock and tasted about as good.*


So on monday, the poor ginger-bread house was still sitting, uneaten, on the living room table. So I asked if I could have it, and nobody argued. I then took it out into my back yard, made a blackpowder charge (Don't try this at home, kiddies), and proceeded to blow the inedible ginger-bread house into numerous smaller chunks of inedible ginger-bread, gluey icing, and disgusting gumdrops.


Unfortunately, my camera was acting up, so I couldn't put the video on google.


*The quality of the taste of the said rock is subjective, and in no way meant to imply that all rocks taste the same. Indeed, under the right conditions, some rocks can taste quite good. So if any rocks out there take this as a slight to your flavor, please don't sue me.


Happy New Year :P

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Personally, I'm more of a fan of the "Black Hole inside the Ball" plan. More noticable and bigger. Plus, no one would care about the casualties because everyone would be destroyed, right?



What do you mean it's a bad idea? :(

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