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Strawberry On The Shortcake!



This is a dual topic today. First off, I was going to discuss the new Wii game: "No More Heroes". It's rated M, so I have to keep talks fairly limited. In fact I'm always sorta fuzzy on what kind of discussion is allowed. Basically, the game is awesome. It's also quite violent (with some swearing...or lots I guess). The title for today's entry comes from one of the main characters Devil Modes (I think that's what they're called). He's got different ones, each with it's own advantages. This specific ones lets him move lightening fast and gives one hit finishes. His hair turns blonde (which I'm thinking is a DBZ reference...as he's also an anime fan) when he goes into this mode, and he actually does yell "Strawberry on the shortcake!" Which makes it all the more entertaining.


Get your parents permission before buying. Though I guess it doesn't matter since the rating is what it is. The game is fun, and is a welcome addition to my surprisingly limited collection (can you believe it's been a year and I've only got 6 games for the Wii?)


On the other hand, Strawberry Shortcake is my all-time favorite desert (followed closely by cheesecake, mmmm). I don't think I've actually had it in years, as it was something my mom would make and I haven't lived there in the last five years. Whipped cream, that strawberry surgery mixture thing, and the shortcake. I should take my shot at making some of that now that I've got a place of my own.


Playing this game has gotten me in the mood for some fancy deserts. Hopefully I didn't make you hungry as well.


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That's funny! (What he yells.)


Mmm, strawberry shortcake. With whipped creme!

You should either go home and have some, or make your own (which sounds like an interesting idea.)



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Don't forget to macerate the strawberries before assembly.

Is that what they call the step in which they get that juicy "jelly" kinda substance that pours out?


You think yours is limited. I have four.

Then again, I have six VC game, my DS, and PC too keep me happy.

I've got five at the moment on VC (but haven't added a new one since The Lost Levels came out), and like 10 DS games. The biggest problem right now is that I'm hooked on Rock Band like it's some kind of sweet sweet addictive candy.

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