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  1. The first and third movies are alright, with the former suffering from animation the most and the latter from compression in the first half. They're worth watching, but nothing special. The second movie is absolutely brilliant. It nails the promise of a Golden Age so perfectly that you anticipate the inevitable turning point with with equal parts dread and excitement.
  2. A toast to supportive parents! *ching ching*
  3. Bio D

    Guess who's back

    Yo yo, good to see you again.
  4. "Worst movie"? Even if it hadn't been good, that's such a myopic view of quality from a major publication that I'm completely baffeled. At worst it was competently made, which already disqualifies it and... *ahem* Yes, this was my favorite movie of last year, even with stiff competition from Looper and Django Unchained. I wish more movies were this ambitious and positive. BTW, I recommend Film Crit Hulk's essay on this movie.
  5. Onarax beat me to the Mazinger joke. Anyone who thinks that Pacific Rim is an Eva rip off watched Eva while half asleep, brain damaged, and stopped after the DDR episode.
  6. Not sure what you're talking about, Wanderer. SAO only had 15 episodes.
  7. Bio D

    Iron Man Three

    I thought the twist was great but it did mean there was a great big hole where a compelling villain should be. This is not a new problem with Iron Man.
  8. The second opening is my favorite (the full version has a sax solo~). That doesn't matter though becasue the first episode of Attack on Titan is amazing and all of you should be watching it.
  9. Major respect for even attempting this monstrosity. I quite like the harmonies.
  10. I would be more excited for Patlabor in SRW if any of the games past Judgement ever saw English translations. I gave up on Robotics;Notes far later than I should have, around episode 15. Waaay too much time spent hoping turn around for the better while hanging around to watch characters I didn't care for do things I cared even less about. As for Gundam, 00 starts good and gets better in the second season, while Unicorn is really good if you can stomach all of the ideological drivvle. I'm watching the first series too. I was surprised at how good it was getting after episode 4 and then ten episodes later it hit the Whiny Protagonist wall I was afraid it would hit. Here's hoping it gets better~ Don't get me started on EVOL. Just. Don't.
  11. Call me when the new Daft Punk album shows up.
  12. The polyphonic harmony in Brass Goggles is blissful.
  13. *Laughs at footnote* Hey, it's your money. If you enjoy it, good for you. I had the same problem, but after a few seconds Shepard always teleported to the bottom.
  14. Bio D

    Yo, ME3 fans.

    I thought I made it very clear how far you should stay from Leviathan. Buy the rest at your own discretion/peril.
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