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The Horrors Of Brawl



Yesterday when I was at work we got some more shipments of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and we got the guide for the game in too... my department manager and I took a look at the box art. I held a copy in my hands... held a copy of one of the most anticipated games of all time... and I couldn't do a thing about it. It's torture! These next hours are gonna be so slow. SLOW.


And the worst part is... the guide is in that thin wrapping. CURSE YOU! I so wanted to read that guide. But, alas, I was unable to take a peek.


ARRGGGHHHH! *goes crazy*


The pain of holding a game but knowing you must wait sucks. I don't intend to break the law and lose my job over a game. (Even if it is the best game ever, which Brawl is.)


In more Brawl News I'm leaving at 10:30 AM with a friend for the start of the festivities. When I get home tomorrow night, provided that:

  1. I'm not tired
  2. and can pull myself away from Brawl

If those happen, I'll give a report on the day. Plus, how I felt about Brawl at the Gamestop Tournament. (My goal is to make it past the first match, that will be a victory. :P) Either way tomorrow is gonna be fun for me and torture for the rest of you Brawl fans. *evil laugh*


Later on, I'll be posting a serious entry.




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Pateince, it is a grand virtue. Soon we will all be brawling it out!

I keep forgetting to state the fact that my Wii will be back from Nintendo today, within a few hours. Tracking shipments, FTW!


For those of you who don't know, I sent my Wii to Nintendo for repairs, according to UPS, I'll get it today as it is marked as Out for Delivery.



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I was going to take offense at you referring to Brawl as the best game ever, but then I remembered that it's all a matter of taste.






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Portal is one of the best...


I never reserved Brawl. I'll probably get it sometime in September, now... >_<

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Portal is one of the best...


I never reserved Brawl. I'll probably get it sometime in September, now... >_<

Good luck getting a copy. :P


Actually, retail places should have plenty, try Wal-Mart. :P


Some people just aren't patient, and get the Japanese Brawl.


I'm friends with one of these impatient people.

Lucky you.


We don't even have our release date yet. :(



NOE is slacking off, what you guys face is more torture.


Hopefully they won't be sold out at Future Shop, because I'm not planning to camp out...

Wal-Mart. We got a ton of copies, and we aren't even a Super-Center! :o



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Brawl will warp time and space.


That's why Saturday will move at a snail's pace.


I'll be going to a midnight opening for Brawl at my local Wal-Mart. :D




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