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My Minute In The Spotlight



I'm out already. One match. Random characters, items (low), Battlefield, 1-minute. I was Pit, she was Mario. She KOed me with 4 seconds left until Sudden Death.


So with a bit time until release, I'm back at my place grabbing my Friend Code. There's a few people there I've got to add, and I definately have to try and get a rematch set up with the person who beat me.


Initial feedback: Wii + Nunchuk controls are funky on default. Pit seems like a good character with a slick recovery...but I didn't get a chance to really play as him so that's about all I got out of it.


But I gotta run, game releases shortly and I have to get some Friend Codes. I had planned on bringing but was in a rush to make sure I got registered so I forgot. I'll have a full report in the morning, if I'm not suffering from Brawl Lag (midnight release + Spring Forward = Tired T)


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