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Danska: Shadow Master


So. Long time since I last updated my kit hey? That's because it's been a horrible year in terms of work. There's always been something to keep me busy. Now, however, I am free! I'm also trying to do everything I can possibly think of before I update again, which being me is a lot. While I have released almost nothing over the past few months, I HAVE been doing things! All the necessary material exists for me to make the 2008 side views now, although not entirely sure how to fit it all in. Once I recieve a few more things from a certain website which I used to be able to mention even though it had forums but now can't for some reason which is extremely silly indeed, I shall have near enough every different bionicle piece ever made (not in every colour however). A couple of those I still need to draw, including the side-view Tryna. I have done all the other Mahri masks however. Oh yes, among the stuff are the Barraki heads I don't own, so I can draw them too. Any guesses where this is going? If you haven't guessed 2007 side views yet then...well, there are probably hundreds of reasons.


ANYWAY, the title of this blog entry is 'previews'. Perhaps I should snip the 's' off - it sort of depends on your perspective really. I mean it's one item, but there are many things in it...I'll stop now and just show you, shall I?




The Inika tools have been completely redrawn. They're a vast improvement over what was in their place - or I think so. Now, I'm off to finish putting together the 2008 side views.


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