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You Will Be Missed



It is apalling that the 2008 sets topic has been closed. This is a blow from which I am not apt to recover anytime soon, given that my schedule rarely allows the casual browsing of forums.


The 2008 sets topic was amazingly useful because it was all-inclusive. Thus, it was a very active topic, receiving many relevant posts in a day even if spam posts proved common as well. I could go there and I would immediately have access to all the in-progress debates concerning this year's sets. Thereby I could quote posts to which I had replies, page by page, until I reached the end and became able to tackle many posts at once.


The playing field was also even. If you want to join a good sets debate these days, it has to be in blogs. This is because most other debates take place in complaint topics or "Why does everyone hate ______?" topics. You rarely get a good sprinkling of reasonable people who respect logic in such topics. If you do, it's not on both sides, or else it's impossible to find amongst the poll-like nonsense posts people make just to bash one another's opinions with horribly unfunny jokes, or more often just to state their opinion and not share any constructive information, like their reasons for having it.


People posted such things as potential real-world models for the Makuta Mistika. One person proposed the Orchid Mantis for Krika, something I do not wish to support but which admittedly has a good deal of factual information in its favor. A topic on the subject would be promptly met by a few "I agwee" posts, then finally someone deciding it's a coincidence topic and closing it. Such is the brutality of this sort of free-for-all discussion-leading which we didn't have to put up with under one unified topic for a broad field of discussion.


I'd say shame on those who got the topic closed, but most probably didn't know and didn't care. It's hardly a loss to them, since they didn't have anything on-topic to contribute there and probably spammed many times just out of a lack of regard for warnings among the above posts. So I will simply mourn the loss of the Official 2008 Sets Topic. You will be missed.


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time

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