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Chuck Norris Jokes



This concerns all of the people who post "anti-Chuck Norris Facts" or just post the "truth" about Chuck Norris to spoil everyone's fun


News flash: No one takes Chuck Norris Jokes seriously.


They are not meant to tell the truth about an aged martial-arts film actor. Their only purpose is to parody the butt-kickin' attitude and aura of the characters Chuck Norris portrays, and in some cases to parody the egotism he is accused of having. No one truly thinks Chuck Norris is some omnipotent being, at least no one reasonable.


But the jokes are funny because they are a facet of Internet culture. The jokes could conceivably apply to anyone, not just Chuck Norris. But if everyone was telling jokes about their own mock hero, the jokes would lose their universal charm. As it is, they have become essentially the positive, non-offensive equivalent of the "your mom" joke.


So please, don't go posting the "truth" about Chuck Norris, because most people know and few people care. I only know a few things about who Chuck Norris really is, and knew squat about it before I checked Wikipedia. But who he is doesn't matter; he is for the sake of these jokes merely a name to paste to them which has connotations of ownage and egotism attached.


Recommended Comments

Wait, are you saying you don't like those kind of jokes?



I don't like the kinds that really have no purpose but spoiling everyone else's fun. Normal Chuck Norris jokes, the kinds about "oh, whoopee, he's so ownage"... those are good. But the "Chuck Norris is normal, guys" type of jokes... those aren't even jokes. They're spoiling other people's fun. The kinds that exaggerate his normalcy are even worse, because they're taking the fun of random people out on a man who from what we've heard is mildly amused but rather indifferent to the whole meme now that he's past his prime.


In other words: Real jokes exist to be funny. Not to demean anyone or spoil anyone's fun, particularly people who have done no more harm than kidding around on the internet.

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