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Model Un This Weekend



Well I'm bittersweet on this.


On one hand it is going to rock. We're going to the Hershey Lodge so CHOCOLATE. Also most of my friends + dance floor = awesome And this means this whole thing is coming to an end, FINALLY. >> Also 2 hour bus ride, I don't know if it is a good bus or school bus though. =\




I have no idea what we do there, most of the people I know are new too, and the older people don't want to tell what happens. >< They're all like "I can't remember... =\" >> Also I'll have to speak and I hate that. Also politics.... i haet dem


And my Thesis rough draft is due on Tuesday, and we get home on Sunday. I mean I already have half of it written, but I have almost no time on Mondays. ><


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wut?? u haet the OBamameistah?


Anyways @ Thesis stuff, that stinks. I guess you have to pull an all-nighter-like-Laka. :lol:



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You've been successfully diagnosed with Arpy's personality.


Not that it has anything to do with this blog entry...





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