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  1. Can you respond to my PM? I need an answer.

  2. I still have some masks I wouldn't mind parting ways with, I'll PM you.
  3. Neaku

    Super Meat Boy

    NOW I REALLY WANT SUPER MEAT BOY also umm... cool trip too..... ...
  4. Neaku


    Its worse when they quote it IN REAL LIFE gah memes 101 is right >>
  5. Neaku

    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds is the only game I have on my Incredible.
  6. where'd ya go

  7. Neaku


    I bought my 23" monitor based on the fact it has two HDMI ports and is 1080p. Feels good having full HD Xbox with the same display as my computer.
  8. Neaku

    Chromed Out

    Chrome is where its at. I switched a while ago because all my add-ons were making Firefox slower. Now I only have like two add-ons for Chrome and its so fast. :3
  9. I checked your Minecraft serve once, but I don't think anyone was on and I just found a big hole.
  10. Neaku


    Maybe I'll pop in or download it or something. Bungie really needs more small maps. Those two forge maps they added today look pretty small.... hopefully.
  11. I just got some tighter pants. I don't know if feels good or not.
  12. Neaku

    Ok Hold Up

    I drove to Gamestop after school on Tuesday. The amount of 12 year olds buying the huge one upset me, but waiting maybe 10 minutes to buy it (without preorders etc) and playing the first day was worth it. in another note, ITS COMPLETELY AMAZING
  13. I approve of this. How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb? Its some obscure number you've probably never heard of.
  14. wooper related avatar is fine by me

  15. Neaku

    Turns Out...

    Nice, I think that's an Unstoppable right? I dunno, I've clearly not gotten there. I've only gotten to 12-13ish with my friends, and some of them are pretty bad lol I can't wait until Reach so we can do more LAN parties and I can try and get that streak up.
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