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Done, But To Only Start Again.



Finally I am done with my work filled week. I handed in my thesis with a shaky hand, and aced my math test. ^_^


Remember the thesis I was talking about? It was about the British and American Invasions? Yeah, well I stayed up until 1 last night working on it and polishing it up. It ended up being 8 pages. I think I could have added more, but I had no time to, but still it beat my internal goal of 7 pages and the minimun of 5 set by the teacher. I worked on it in school today and even had to go to the library in between classes to print it out, but I got it done. I handed it in on time with all the sources highlighted and "information carded" and I feel great now.


And my average in math was an 87.4 somehow, and we only have this one grade left in the marking period. Fortunately, she told us the amount of points the test was and I managed to figure out what I needed to get an 89.5.... A 37/36 >< Luckily, Ally is tutored by the other math teacher and got the actual test early. Since when she drove me home last week I told her what I needed to get an A-, she asked if I wanted to use it. She only told me though and made sure I only had it for one period so yay, however in a way I cheated. =\ But why would the teacher give out the test early? I dunno sounds weird. Although I looked at the questions and the answers, I had a brain freeze when I got to the actual test. I started to slowly remember things and eventually I figured everything out anyway. Then, the extra credit came. I had almost no idea what to do. Then the bell rang. I just sat in amazement, I had completely lost track of time. Completely. Then I stayed about 10 minutes (probably a little less) into the next class and worked on the extra credit. I finally figured it out and finished it and checked over the whole test in calmness. Everything was good, and I thought the extra credit seemed right, so I handed it it. Turns out in the next class we weren't doing anything yet so I lucked out.... kind of... =\


Then I checked with every one else. Almost no one actually did the Extra Credit so I could just imagine my answers being wrong. Then I talked to Chris about the test and he said it was easy and he got the same exact answers as me for the extra credit so yay!! I think I managed to get atleast the 37/36 I needed. So super woots!



So this means now I can get on with my fun life now!



Unfortunately, I have to start studying for Midterms soon. ><


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Hehe. My exams are almost over. Too bad I'm gonna have 1.5 months of working on a paper.... >_>



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