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Blog O' Da Week!

Toa Lhikan Hordika


I got blog of the week! This is sooo awesome.


It all started with going to Church and hearing a guest speaker named Wanda Casper who is a missionary to the Philipines. She's had some awesome things going on there. There wasn't much else that happened there today.


After service was over, we had to leave immediately to go home and put my little bro down for the his nap.


We got home at around 12:15-ish and when we did, I drooled over my Kardas set (almost literally :P) and played with him. I'm not at all trying to call Toa Tilius a liar in any way shape or form, but I have to disagree with what he said as far as Kardas' leg support goes. I haven't had a problem with keeping his legs stable. I do, however, agree with the neck part. His neck is very loose and Vezon's chain is what holds it up half of the time. The set is definitely worth the fifty dollars and then some.


As 2:00 we had to leave and drop my two youngest siblings off at my grandparents house because we were going to our Pastor's daughter's wedding. So my Dad, Mom, Sister (who is 10) and I went to the wedding all the way in Grosse Pointe (a very nice area if I do say so myself). It was at a very nice Presbyterian Church building with some very beautiful stain glass windows and maybe a mile away from the east coast of Michigan (about 12 miles away from my house). It was a very nice wedding and I'd vouch to say that about 1/3 (about 300 people!) of the congregation was there.


After the wedding we went to pick up my younger siblings and we went to Burger King. It was the first time in about a year that I had gone into a play structure. Ordinarily I wouldn't go in there (a 16 year old guy who is 5'7" has a hard time fitting into those tubes :P), but I had to because my 22 month-old brother was in there had had trouble climbing up to higher levels.


We left Burger King at about 7:15 and I got home at last. Needless to say, this was a long day. I got home, went straight to the computer and found out that I got the Blog of the Week and was jumping for joy.


Without further to do, here is today's random fact:


The sun is 93 million miles/150 million kilometers away from earth!


One last thing. For those of you in the US itching to get Vezon & Kardas, it is available on Target.com. Just go to the main page and type in Vezon in the search bar. It will come up with Vezon & Kardas, and Vezon & Fenrakk. The description under both items describes V&F, but the pictures match accordingly. The prices are mixed up as well. I checked with a friend of a friend I know who works at the Target that I got V&K from and he said that if you order Vezon & Fenrakk on Target.com, you'll get Vezon & Kardas, because V&F is listed as $50 while V&K is listed as $30. They should hopefully fix this problem soon, but in the meantime, if you're not patient enough to wait for your local Target to receive their shipment of V&K's, you can always order it online.


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Kewl. Sounds like ya had a great day. I just hung out at my mom's birthday party next door at my grandparents, came over to my house with my 7-year old cousin, and lost another chance to ask my crush to be my girlfriend. :rolleyes:


So, yeah, sounds like you had a much more exciting day. Congrats on getting BotW!!



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You have a blog! :o Awesome! *adds to her blog list* I didn't know until today, BotW day (much congrats on that, too!). Sounds like an interesting day; I love it when missionaries come to our church! ^^

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dude, maybe age has something to do with it, but I'm 5'8" and I got no problem shinnying up those tubes :P thats pretty cool, I didn't realize you were homeschooled too, and go to church, s'pretty neat.


oo the sun is far away...*throws rock* aw man missed! *rock hits vakon on head* ow...


congrats on your win Vance, I dont read blogs often, but yours I think was worth the time.



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