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Farshtey Feed (p167-169*)



Friday, April 3, 2009

Terminator: SCC is getting really intense; they built up a lot of plot this season that makes for great drama now. I'm proud of that show.

• Mata Nui has a mask, which he does not know well how to use, since he has never worn a mask before. And while the mask's powers COULD be used to kill all the Skrall, Mata Nui would not do that anymore than a Toa would. Mata Nui is a champion of life and light and does not kill his enemies.
• Gelu did not retire because of age. He retired because, after the Skrall attack on Atero, there is a lot more profit to be made escorting caravans across the desert than there is fighting in the arena.
• "The Crossing" takes place before and after the fall of Atero.


• Gresh, the Skrall, the Vorox, Raanu, Metus, Berix, Tarix and Strakk all have speaking (or growling) roles in the movie.
• Tuma sees no need for more leader class Skrall at this point. Why would he want to share leadership with someone else? The other leaders who died had their own troops of Skrall, this one's his.
• Way up to the north, there is some water in the Skrall river, run-off from the snows on top of the mountains. But because of the extreme heat, it evaporates quickly, so that most of the river is dried-up river bed.
• A village's #1 Glatorian is used for its most important matches, whereas its #2 is used for less important ones. A village uses trainee Glatorian for minor disputes.
• Tesara: #1 is Vastus, #2 is Gresh.
• Iconox: #1 is Strakk, #2 was Gelu (before retirement). Strakk is older than Gelu and has been fighting for longer, and he is therefore more experienced. Gelu is just younger than Strakk and older than Gresh.
• Tajun: #1 is Tarix, #2 is Kiina.
• Neither Gelu, Vastus, Ackar, nor Kiina were part of the founding of the Glatorian arena system.
• Glatorian arena matches are reserved solely for disputes and not held for competition, except for those in the tournament.
• Stronius has a brutal personality.
• If a Skrall kills someone else for personal gain, he is executed.
• Skrall value duty and obedience to their leader even at the cost of their own lives.
• Gresh fought for Tesara in Vulcanus because Vastus had just finished three strenuous matches and needed a rest.
• Tuma's title is "Leader."
• Agori who fight in vehicles in the Arena fight for the same reason Glatorian fight -- they don't do fighting as entertainment, it wastes energy. You don't waste energy when you live in a desert. All villages employ such Agori, but they fight only for one village. They don't have the option of switching that Glatorian do.
• The V# after Bara Magna vehicles designates model number. It is possible that more than one of each vehicle exists on the planet.
• Both Strakk and Gelu knew Certavus personally. Strakk was active when Certavus fought, and Gelu was a trainee.
• There are female Vorox and Zesk.
• Ackar is the oldest active Glatorian.
• Inhabitants of Bara Magna are older than those of the Matoran universe. No MN inhabitant is much older than 100,000 years plus a few months. We know there are Glatorian who were active in the war that preceded Mata Nui's creation, which puts them over 100,000 years old.


• Teridax has not yet left the endless ocean planet.
• The Great Beings would most likely speak Agori or some language related to it, but would also be able to speak and understand Matoran.
• Protosteel is stronger than Exsidian.
• Greg, on whether the Matoran were the first beings created by the Great Beings: "I would say no, because we know they experimented with organic life prior to ever making Matoran."
• Greg would say it was a matter of months from when the Great Beings started to build the Matoran universe until Mata Nui's awakening.
• Had Teridax's original plans had all worked, he would have seized Metru Nui 1000 years ago and never felt the need to become Mata Nui himself.


Recommended Comments

Ackar is the oldest active Glatorian.


Neither Gelu, Vastus, Ackar, nor Kiina were part of the founding of the Glatorian arena system.


Conflicting statements much? If Ackar is the oldest active Glatorian, then wouldn't he have something to do with the founding? I don't really see how, if he was alive at the time, he wasn't involved therein. :/

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