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French Kids Woot



We received some foreign exchange students from France the other day (Friday), and they are awesome. They dress awesomely, some of them are cute (<3), and some just seem awesome to be around.


Maybe it's the language difference about that last one, but still. =D


I however did not get one because of divorced parents issues etc, but I totally want one. xP


So today I tagged along to go to Six Flags with them. I was thinking not to because of the huge amount of work and practicing to do for Wednesday and Tuesday (respectively) I have to do, but it was totally worth it. I went on Kingda Ka for the first time (unfortunate timing last time I went) and it wasn't as bad as one would think. And it's a FAST ride. Shoots you up, you fall down, and that's it. o_E It was totally worth the <20 minute wait though (Yes, second opening day means shortest lines ever xP). Then we went on El Toro and the rest of the awesome rides. =3


So yeah, I'm not sure if it's that I'm so excited about the French kids as it is that I know I'll be able to hang out with friends a LOT more often with them here.


So it like rocks. B)


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