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Glatorian Comic 2 Easter Eggs



Just was rereading Comic 2 of this year, and noticed something very intriguing.


By now I'm sure most people have noticed the sillhouetted weapons by each Agori bio in the centerfold. Atakus's has a Skrall shield, Tarduk's has one of Vastus's vinelike shoulder armor pieces, Metus's has one of Gelu's swords (I'd have loved it if in story those were some type of multi-crossbow, but I suppose it was not meant to be), Raanu has Ackar's flame sword, Berix has Kiina's trident, and Zesk has a Thornax. I suppose Zesk and Atakus didn't get new tool sillhouettes because Mata Nui has not much to do with Zesk and because Stronius's club would look pretty boring in sillhouette.


But today I noticed that there is yet another easter egg I hadn't picked up on. Along the crease between the two pages, each section splits into several colored horizontal bars. It turns out that the colors of those bars form an almost complete inventory of important colors used in small and canister sets within that tribe/color group.

  • Atakus's colored bars include black, red, dark red (Stronius's secondary color), dark stone gray (dark bley to the layman MOCist), a lighter gray which presumably represents silver, a pale reddish-orange representing transparent fluorescent red-orange (the trans. orange used for so many eye colors), and a light yellow representing glow-in-the-dark.
  • Tarduk's colored bars are, in order: dark green, lime, dark bley, silver, transparent fluorescent yellow-green (Vastus's eye color), and transparent fluorescent red-orange.
  • Metus's horizontal bars depict white, dark blue, light blue, silver, a very light blue which represents transparent fluorescent light blue (the eye color of Toa Metru Nuju and the color of many blended Ice-tribe parts this year), and a not-so-light blue which represents the so-called "transparent ice blue".
  • Raanu's depict dark red, red, orange (or possibly the trans. orange present in Malum's flame claws and helmet), dark bley, yellow-orange (Keetorange), silver, and trans. fluorescent red-orange.
  • Berix's set of colored bars shows dark blue, light blue, blue, gold, silver, trans. fluorescent yellow-green, dark bley, trans. fluorescent light blue, and black. I'm intrigued that black and dark bley are on here as parts of the color scheme, and it is probably a result of parts such as Tarix's Metru chest that holds his life counter, or Kiina's shoulder joints and back.
  • Finally, Zesk's colored bars portray yellow-orange, black, silver, brown, trans. fluorescent red-orange, and trans. ice blue. I don't think there's any excuse for tan (brick yellow, according to LEGO) not being here save for mere lack of attentiveness.

So it seems LEGO's graphic artists had a field day with this one centerfold. Personally, I was tickled pink. Others might not find it so funny, but I suppose it's a bit of an inside joke.


Anyway, notice also the tribe insignias appearing behind the Agori themselves-- all match the tribe of the Agori besides the curious plus-mark behind Atakus which might be a generic symbol, or else the symbol for some neutral territory like Atero. Graphics also appear above the character/set names and numbers of each village. I hope we get to see this artwork at a larger scale, as it will be pure gold for the BS01 Wiki.


Can't wait to see more brilliant media from BIONICLE!


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