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Closing Tonight!



Correct, you guys wanted it, and you got it. I've opened the Contest Entry back up, so all you peeps have a couple more days. I'll close it Wednesday the 17th at 11:59 PM EST Aight? So that's Wednesday night. ;] I'm sorry for the confusion, I thought it was clear enough, but whatever. Try and enter though, I don't want to keep it open for nothing.


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Gah I forgettered the contest. >_<


Also thought was until Tuesday. Calendar fale.


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I wish I had know the contest ended this morning. I thought it would go through today (i.e. end at 11:59 p.m. tonight). I would have gotten my entry posted on Saturday.

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Oh darn. ._.


I thought it ended tonight as well.

I just read "June 15th", and was like, "Oh, BBC style, so at the night".


I just finished uploading on B-shelf.


Extension, please. D:


Wait the contest topic is still open? o.O

[-The Alchemyst-]

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I think maybe Saturday night. That way I won't be stuck studying and have time to make the final poll, which'll probably close when my finals are over, Tuesday night.

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