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Toa Mata Nui Revealed!



From the new PICTURE REVIEW IN THE SETS FORUM (No link! Quick, everyone, make haste!), the titan-sized Mata Nui met all of my expectations. Overall decent color scheme (except the gold, which seems from pics to irredeemably clash with everything else), BEAUTIFUL build (except the shoulders, which would have been questionable on Takanuva and are really pathetic here), and an ingenious piston style.


But as I predicted, the gold is possibly the set's biggest flaw. I wish so dearly that the Ignika and Inika thigh armor had been in Keetorange, which would have unified the legs with the rest of the build, been entirely more photogenic, and maintained consistency with the smaller Mata Nui (save for the Mata Yellow accents, which seem to contribute rather than clash).


Regardless, I can't wait to get the set. And since I may be at college when I get it (and thus, away from many MOCing parts), I hope some of the people who will get the set for parts and parts alone (thank heaven there are so many!) will put forth the effort to redeem some of these flaws in a revamp (no, you can't MOC a Keetorange Ignika in a revamp, but perhaps someone will bother with a can of spraypaint enough to produce such brilliance).


And of course I wonder if anyone has the guts to make an UBERHUGE Mata Nui revamp, using Bitil's canister lid for a mask... :sly: Again, I'll probably be away from my MOCing parts, but to those reading this...


Good luck, everybody.


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