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Leander Milan

Taka Nuvia


Soo... did I tell you that 2 days ago I found the ULTIMATE HAIRSTYLING for my Sims? No?

Well, I'll do it here then. ^^

And you know why I like it so much? Because it's 100% like the hairstyling of one of my fictive characters, and after downloading the hair I was finally able to create her!


So here she is: Leander Milan, half-blind, Metal-liking Human girl. Creative, easily enraged, does not like tidying up.





Playing the guitar

Totally rockin'

checkin' her face in the mirror


That's it for now ^_^


Recommended Comments

What a nice sim. And cool hair. :)


Btw, how do you do that thing with the eyes, after all? :???:




I downloaded 'em. There's a website where they have lots of custom stuff, like the hair and clothing and whatnot. Perhaps I shouldn't download that much, anyways... :rolleyes: but it's so much fun!

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