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Oh God The Freezering



I'm back from the beach. O:


I went on a parasail boat ride thing and threw-up the waffles I had that morning! I normally wouldn't do so, but conditions were just right and I puked. *shrugs*


French girls. :3


Memes are hard to asplain to the unknowing. v_v


Then the water was really rough and fun the past two days and four people got pulled out into the ocean today! The lifeguards were really good though and they Res-Q'd them.


Also StarCraft II has very awesome concept art.


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@Lluvio I tried asplaining freezering or like adding -ering to verbs and no one understood. I also explained combobreaker to my friend and he uses it wrong now. >.<


@Waffles *barf*


@speedovc the concept art is awesome too. I wanna MOC all of it. D:

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