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New Project

Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well as of right now, I've completed the first part of a very long and exensive project I've just started working on. Last year, we were given a picture of the Matoran Universe in a map form:




And then just before that, we had seen Mata Nui himself:




Obviously, the Matoran Universe doesn't seem to be built to the scale of Mata Nui's body. But I realized that I had the ability to change the way I look at that map. So over the next few months, I'm going to be drawing individual parts of Mata Nui's body with the landmasses of the Matoran Universe fitting into them. Afterwards, I'm going to try to fit it all onto one page or combine a few pages to make the picture complete.


Right now, the first part is done. I give you the torso:




On a side note, this is preliminary and will most likely be redrawn in the future after I finish doing preliminary drawings of the other body parts. And for those of you wondering, I did us a ruler for the body, but the landmasses were drawn free-hand.


Hope you all enjoy!

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