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-The following is copied shamelessly from my comment in ChocolateFrogs's blog-


I'll be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Not sure what times. My family's registered this time, so hopefully some of the activities and such will be cool. And we're bringing several MOCs-- three Agents MOCs, a sort of Space Police III spinoff, and one that's either BIONICLE or System depending on your point of view. I haven't (yet) been able to convince Lyi that we should bring our Toa Nidhiki MOC, but if we do bring it I've got a Lariska MOC that'd also be fun to show. One factor in the decision-- is DV still in need of BIONICLE MOCs? (not sure if you've kept in touch with him during the downtime.)


Hopefully there'll be enough going on to keep me entertained for all three days. As usual (unless plans change), I'll be in the shirt with an orange Aanchir face, as well as my spiffy BIONICLE baseball cap (although those are still out at LEGO stores so there might be more people in those than just me). =)


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