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Google Is Awesome



Just was doing something I do for the BS01 Wiki on occasion: randomly googling names from the "Other LEGO Employees" page in hopes of finding more information.


I found something useless to the wiki, but pretty darn spiffy. Observe


Of course, not much to be found regarding everyone's favorite lead set designer, but nevertheless this was a pretty intriguing find.


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What's really cool is that it's patent expires in 2013. They should start using it again while it's still patented. :P

It's not like they'd lose the right to use it once the patent expires... Although I agree, a lot of MOCists would be happy to see it in more colors.

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Took them long enough to use them... I wonder, could we find pics of unreleased molds, via the patents?



No idea, but if you'd pursue that I'd be eternally grateful. Or at least, temporarily grateful. :P


Although I heard something about LEGO not taking as long to develop and finalize ideas anymore, so I'm not sure whether they'd still make those sort of things available until shortly before the sets are released (and it makes sense, since it usually isn't possible for a part design to be ripped off until the parts are available-- no need to protect something that's not being challenged).

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