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Tifosi 92


If the entry title is confusing, that's the level naming scheme for Doom/IoD. "E" stands for "Episode", "M" stands for "Map". E1M5 in IoD is going to be set in a series of mining tunnels, and is certainly the most customized level the game will have to offer, featuring a number of lifts/elevators, a mutagenic river, and a few teleports as well. The music is going to be fast-paced as well; something that'll probably make you want to run faster through the winding claustrophobic tunnels while toasting everything with a Midak Skyblaster. :P


So why am I hyping all this up? Because I'm finally getting close to finishing design work for it. :D Honestly, though, it's one of the levels I'm most excited about.


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I'm very much excited to see how this turns out. Needs pictures though, or uh well...it didn't happen?


We'll have some screenshots up before too long, hopefully; still working on that. I would attach pictures to a blog entry or something, but it won't let me. :P Trust me, though, it is very much in the works and on its way.


Oh, and did I mention that the Midak Skyblaster is fully automatic and has rapid-fire capabilities? :P

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No, but that sounds awsome.

Great to see the game shaping up, can't wait!

One question though, do the Midak only shoot 4 silver marbles? :P



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