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As you may or may not have noticed from an entry or two ago, I've been playing Thief. Well, Thief 3. Despite the first two games being extraordinary in terms of story and gameplay, there's a point where I simply cannot stand the dated graphics for long enough to complete levels. Marathon being a perfect example, some part of it, likely the pixelation, gave me nasty headaches.


But back to the original line of thought. I've been playing Thief 3. "Been playing" being the key words, though this cessation is not, as with the first two games, due to a disagreement with the graphics.


I've become bored of it. And not because it sucks, which it most emphatically does not. Rather, it falls prey to its own brilliance. The one level in the game I'll never replay, the one level I hate extraordinarily, simply can't be surpassed by the levels after it.


So I'm bored. I'll likely finish it at some point, but it's rather anticlimactic.




now why in the world did it take me that many lines to say that? I must be too tired to form coherent sentences


oh wait




must perchance require more vespene gascaffeine


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