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Christmas Gift List




I just finalized my budget for Christmas gifts this year, and my total came to $55. From this amount of cash I must provide gifts for each of the 11 people listed below. Basic math will tell you that this restricts each person's individual gift budget to $5, IF I distribute evenly. Here I will keep a record of gifts planned for each person, as well as the cost of their gift. Suggestions are welcome.

  • Mother: | Item: 2010 calendar + pickup of hated furniture | Cost: Unknown x .7 + free
  • Father: | Item: oven glove(?) | Cost: $1
  • Brother: | Item: wireless GameCube controller | Cost: $16
  • Sister: | Item: Unknown | Cost: N/A
  • Grandmother: | Item: image editing booklet | Cost: freee!
  • Aunt (California): | Item: pitch-in toward a family gift | Cost: $4
  • A.J.: | Item: Unknown | Cost: N/A
  • U.J.: | Item: Unknown | Cost: N/A
  • Kay: | Item: touchable bubbles | Cost: $1
  • T.J.: | Item: Unknown | Cost: N/A
  • Queen (because she got me something): | Item: flash drive | Cost: $13.50
I'll edit this entry as I fill in the list.


EDIT: I've officially started buying things. Green lines are bought and taken care of. I'll keep a track of my remaining total below.


Original Total: $55





New Total: $35



Recommended Comments

That's quite a lot of unknowns at the moment. With that $15 Game Cube controller, $10 are going to have to come off of other people's presents, but it's probably doable if you get small things. Oh, and

Here I will keep a record of gift planned for each person, as well as the cost of their gift. Suggestions are welcome.
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