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  1. So, the BS01 entry on this "destiny war" states that the Order always knew it would have to reveal itself and battle the Brotherhood in the public spotlight. It even states that they began finally making preparations after Mahri Nui's return to the Southern Continent. But I can't find any reference to exactly what triggered the Brotherhood-Order war. Did Helryx discover Teridax's Plan to take over the Matoran Universe? Or did they already know, and simply decide not to act? The Makuta spread death, fear, and violence in the Matoran Universe for a thousand years; why did the Order wait until Matoro's usage of the Ignika to wage war on the organization that put Mata Nui - the very being the Order existed to serve - to sleep?
  2. Only 941 of the ways Makuta Teridax could destroy Vakama are painful. COME ON, MAN! GET IT TOGETHER!

  3. Thank you everyone for clearing that up (especially to SPIRIT with the super duper in-depth reply, as always). I must have missed the comics or side notes where that was revealed, since (as mentioned) it wasn't key to the plot.
  4. In story year 2007/8 (not sure exactly), it was revealed that there was more than one Makuta, and that Teridax was merely their leader. When exactly was this revealed to the "main characters?" I know that certain factions (the Dark Hunters, the Vortixx, the Order of Mata Nui) were always aware of the Brotherhood, and that the Makuta revealed their inner shadow and went to war with the Dark Hunters around when the Toa Metru moved the Matoran of Metru Nui to the island of Mata Nui. But where (and from whom) did the Toa Nuva and Toa Mahri find out?
  5. So were the Matoran just very used to Teridax not doing his job? I can't find any reference to his participation in the Toa/Dark Hunter war, which really seems like the kind of thing he ought to have been involved in. Did Lhikan never wonder, "I wonder where Teridax is? He's sworn to protect the Matoran!"
  6. This one I know: it was not general knowledge that the Makuta were beings of darkness until after the Metru Nui saga. Prior to a certain point, the Makuta were just mysterious, rather cruel inventors. And it's here, many years later, that I finally realize that the "Brotherhood of Makuta" refers to the plural, not the singular (even if the Matoran actually mistook it as singular). Time Trap was a great book, btw. Probably one of the best. 100% my favorite Bionicle book. On-topic: So Teridax was like an obscure authority figure to the Matoran of Metru Nui (that Vakama happened to know/recognize)? How do we reconcile that with Teridax's role in the Archives Massacre? Was Teridax just not publicly involved in that incident (instead orchestrating it behind the scenes), or did he remain so inactive afterward that people forgot who he was? I'm not sure how it could be the last one; only damaged Matoran were ever shown to have faulty memories.
  7. Thanks for the responses! I think what I'm looking for is what a Metru Nui Matoran would say if some (less informed) being asked "Makuta? Who's that?"
  8. This question is with regards to the Legends of Metru Nui saga, right before the Great Cataclysm. I know that the Makuta were known to the universe - Vakama recognized Teridax's Kraahkan. But how did Vakama know what the Kraahkan looked like? Had Teridax been seen before in Metru Nui (more recently than the 80,000 years since the Matoran Civil War)? What did the Matoran of Metru Nui think Teridax was? Did they know he was in charge of Metru Nui? Was his name (/species) well-known, or did Vakama just happen to know it?
  9. The Kaukau has been snapped up. The Miru is currently in negotiations. Also, the red Matatu has been sold. Normally, I wouldn't sell what had already been spoken for, but the buyer raised the given price of the mask.
  10. I do still have the silver Miru, as well has Nuhvok-Kal's and Lehvak-Kal's Krana Yo. I am selling each for $1, so $5 shipped is not unreasonable.
  11. I have some Kanohi and Krana. In particular, I have a silver Miru. If you are interested, please let me know.
  12. None without eyes. However, I have:- 2 dark gray heads (green eyes)- 2 dark gray heads (red eyes)- 1 dark gray head (orange eyes)- 3 light gray heads (light blue eyes)- 1 light gray head (green eyes)- 1 black head (orange eyes)- 1 red head (orange eyes)
  13. PhotoSorry for poor picture quality. My collection of pieces is very extensive and, for the most part, carefully sorted. I bought at least one of every set from 2004 to 2010, and managed to obtain many sets from previous years. In the previous photo, there were 9 purple pieces. You can select up to 11 more to be included in your bag. Make a list; I'll check it twice to see if I have everything.
  14. Here are pictures of what I have:KanohiKranaOf the Kanohi, these are taken: [*]Yellow Kaukau[*]Black Kaukau[*]Bronze Akaku[*]Green Pakari[*]Green Hau Nuva[*]Red Matatu[*]Orkham's Matatu[*]Both black Kakamas[*]Teal Miru[*]Dark Orange Kakama[*]Silver MiruPlease let me know if you are interested in anything.
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