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Christmas '09



My personal Christmas story (Written as a note on my Touch yesterday)


I would say today was not enjoyable. Firstly the HDTV/monitor I received was not the correct one, in fact it was only a monitor. I was upset, angry, yet I didn't want to hurt my mothers feelings. After finishing openning all the presents, in my anger I went back to bed. After listening to music and calming myself I played some ODST. The file had not saved, I messed everything up, and all progress in the story was lost, angering me more. Sarah texted me and I became a bit relieved. Texting her unlike I had hoped was short lived. Father arrived soon after a short shower and brought us to his house. Small gifts and money were there. We departed for our aunt's house shortly. There I noticed DJ Hero and was intrigued. I never played it but loved the cordurouy pants I was wearing. Came home and watched Star Trek with mom. I leave today, after reposing upon the computer, with the promise of buying the correct monitor tomorrow.


What I Got/Plan To Get.



Burnt Orange Corduroy Pants (love)

Black Corduroy Pants (love)

Slipper Moccasin Things (soft awesome)

Blue Plaid Sleep Pants (SOWARMBUTNOPOCKETS :( )

Sour Patch Watermelons (nom)

RC Helicopter Thing (sooo cool)

North Face Jacket (probably won't wear this ever, not entirely sure why my mom got me this, she knows I hate jackets)

Coin Counting Jar (cheap but works)

HDTV/Monitor (can't wait to get)



Pink Floyd Shirt (probably won't wear ever, but its awesome)

$100 (nicee B) )

Air Heads (love)

Jolly Ranchers (love)



Coolest Giraffe Ever (push the button on bottom and it falls over sooo cool)

$100 (nicee B) )


Other Cousins:

Spirit Tracks (can't wait)


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I guess. I should get some legends but I think instead I'll just get the parts from that site.


I think it should have been more "You got clothes for Christmas? Someone's all grown up."

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I think it should have been more "You got clothes for Christmas? Someone's all grown up."

Nah, you got more than clothes.



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