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Change Of Plans

Lady Kopaka


I know I said today would be the day I would announce my project...but a couple things have come up:

  • lots and lots of schoolwork. I really need to get on top of it before starting any other projects. Just five more months, five more months...
  • my car did a fail and I'm having to pay around $200 to get something fixed (thank goodness my old man knows how to fix car stuff or it could be so much more). So...no tablet for awhile. :( I'm still up to accepting commissions though, I'm sorta scraping my account bare to pay for this.
  • gotta work harder at finding a job...
  • having some confusion on which project to do at the last moment, so trying to reconfigure things.
However, I am doing a lot of Glatorian HB designs, and I hope to start posting more art on BZP, even if it isn't for a big project. As a peace offering gift, I'll leave you with a picture of Komas doing the awesome face expression (it was completely by accident, I swear).



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1. I know how you feel about the whole "school work" thing. My school seems to take ALL DAY now. -_-

2. I don't know how you feel about the car trouble, but I can gather that it ain't much fun.

3. Hopefully you'll be able to find a fun one like Nikira did at Toys-R-Us...but one that still pays well...

4. I feel the overwhelming desire to say "What project?" just because I'm stupid like that, then I remember it's a secret one. >.>


The awesome face Komas made me laugh (out loud!) after I remembered what the awesome face was. That is so funny in an "awesome" way! (Get it? I made a funny!)

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That pic is done so well...I really don't have much to say about it. (in a good way)

You're so awesome at art and writing, Lady K, that it puts the rest of us writers/artists to shame. :P


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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Car trouble, homework - xP. The awesomeface picture is great.


Also, I like the song you put in your sidebar, "Down to Earth." :)



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Can totally understand about where you are on the schoolwork for sure. The trick to getting in the groove for it is to practically start your day with schoolwork (trust me--this works) and not stop until around dinner time. If you get bored of one subject, switch to another. If you get stuck on something big like a research paper/huge essay/big math exam, you're just gonna have to plow through it until you get to something easier, sadly. I hope things will lessen up in that respect soon--it's torturous to be writing essays 24/7. =/


I know school isn't your only problem right now, but it was the one I figured I could offer advice best in. :P Hang in there with the finances as well--you've got a big commission coming soon.


Anyways, just keep working hard and stay focused; things can't stay the way they are forever. Hope to see you sometime soon on MSN or something--I've missed chatting with you!

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I'm actually doing fine via advice as I've worked it out on my own over the year, it's just a lot of work either way, and it's just harsh on me when I'm sick (I pretty much slept all day today).


I would be accepting commissions right now from people, but I'm so behind as it is and I have to finish those first. Drat!

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