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I Just Can't Get Those 2 Points



I missed an A on my physics midterm by 2 points, which is the equivalent of two multiple choice questions or not being so stupid on the short answers. I'm actually super psyched though. My grade is very well respected. The majority of the grades were below B- range, even after the curve. Someone got a 40% bahaha


I missed and A- on my US history midterm by 2 points also. Unfortunately that was only one multiple choice question or a little more detailed responses. I got an epic A for the marking period though, so I'm happy.


Calc, my teacher wouldn't say the grade I got, but he commented that I did "Very well". I don't know what that means because there could have been a very big curve and I may have gotten an A- or something. But some teachers think that B-'s and C's are good, so I have no clue. I'm hoping for the former heh.


B- on LA and I doubt I was going to do better. I'm horrible at language arts.


Anyways Sarah's a pretty cool person.


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