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Farshtey Feed (p276-280)



Saturday, March 6, 2010

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• Makuta is dead. [source]
• On how the inhabitants of the Matoran universe survived the impact on Teridax's head: "Same way they survived the impact of crashing into an ocean from outer space 1000 years ago. Plus, we haven't said they all survived." [source]
• The Great Beings programmed the Ignika with the knowledge to create the Golden Armor. [source]
• Nektann and his troops were beaten and will either be imprisoned or else have to convince the rest they can be productive members of the new society. [source]
• Mata Nui still resides in the Ignika, simply dormant. [source]
• The Red Star remains in orbit. [source]
• The Glatorian and Agori were not injured when Teridax fell. [source]
• Metus is indeed sick. [source]


• On the possibility of Vorox or Zesk who never regressed: "Not on Bara Magna, no. Possibly on Bota Magna, though there aren't too many there." [source]
• Greg believes Stronius might not carry a shield for the reason that he would see it as a sign of weakness. [source]
• On the remaining Skrall threat: "There are still a lot of Skrall left, operating in scattered bands. So yes, they are still a threat, but they are not organized and are largely leaderless, which mitigates it somewhat." [source]
• On Raanu: "I see Raanu as someone who takes his job very seriously, and who remembers the Core War really well -- he knows he needs Glatorian to fight for his village, but also remembers all the destruction they caused during the war, so he doesn't trust them. He doesn't care how the Glatorian feel about him, the most important thing to him is the health and welfare of his village." [source]

• Hydraxon's face piece is a helmet, not based off of any Kanohi mask. [source]
• The Kanohi Miru allows the user to gain altitude from standing at rest. [source]
• As with Pohatu Nuva, all of the rest of the Toa Nuva are stuck with the colorations they had as Phantoka and Mistika. [source] [source]

• On whether the Ignika could transform Agori into something other than snakes: "If they have it somewhere in their evolutionary background, yes. It couldn't turn them into alien monsters that never existed on Spherus Magna, but it could advance them up or down the evolutionary scale." "[This] means that, just like humans, they have switches in their body chemistry that are shut off because they represent abilities they no longer need or never took advantage of. And the Ignika can flip those switches on." [source]


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I'll admit, I thought that this blog entry would simply say "SPAM".


But noooo, you're dedicated to what you're doing. And you found actual information in there. Kudos.

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