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Farshtey Feed (p274-276)



Friday, February 26, 2010

• Great Beings do not wear Kanohi nor are able to use them. [source]
• Angonce worked on the Ignika project, whereas Heremus did not. Angonce was not one of the two Great Beings who placed the Ignika in the Matoran universe. [source]
• Neither Angonce nor Heremus worked on the Iron Wolves or Skopio projects. These kinds of modifications were like child's play to the Great Beings -- such projects were more labor-intensive than they were thought-intensive to the point that multiple minds would have been needed to work on them. [source]


• Heremus helped in the making of the Mask of Creation. [source]
• The third robot body would have also had Matoran living inside of it. [source]
• The power source that Mata Nui retrieves from the Valley of the Maze for the prototype robot was intended for the prototype robot and not the third robot, since the third robot would have been designed along the same lines as the Mata Nui construct and would not have worked with that kind of power source. [source]
• The Great Beings did indeed call Spherus Magna home; they were not space travelers or aliens. [source]
• On why the Great Beings built the Matoran to be biomechanical: "Well, they had tried making all organic life, and that didn't work out all that well, so next they tried bio-mechanical. Building robots wasn't any challenge for them, they wanted to create a new form of life." Tren Krom was one such all-organic experiment. [source]
• The Vorox and Zesk were not angry with the alterations the Great Beings made on them; they were being given weapons to help them survive in the desert. The Great Beings' alterations are not responsible for the Sand Tribe's devolution. [source]
• The Great Beings mutated only a few Vorox and Zesk at first. When the project was a success, they felt compelled to perform the procedures on all the rest of the tribe so the mutants would not end up dominating the tribe or being murdered by the others out of jealousy. [source]
• On why the Great Beings isolated and exiled Tren Krom: "I think because they worried about with him what they should have worried about with Makuta -- that he would grow jealous of Mata Nui, the being who had taken his job, and pose some threat. Not an unreasonable thing to think, really." [source]
• On the Great Beings' intentions toward giving the inhabitants of the Matoran universe the ability to feel ambition: "They were given artificial intelligence and the ability to learn -- and all sentient means is they can feel sensations, it actually has nothing to do with being able to reason (that's "sapient"). What they did not expect from the bio-mechanical beings was emotion -- but they had made Tren Krom before they made the MU, so they already knew he had emotions, something they thought had something to do with his being organic as opposed to primarily mechanical. It was a problem they thought they had fixed when they made the Matoran." [source]

• There is probably some hierarchy to the society of the Sisters of the Skrall, since they do have a leader. [source]
• The different hierarchies of the female Skrall have no physiological differences as in the male hierarchy. [source]
• On why not everyone on Bara Magna regressed like the Sand Tribe after the Shattering: "Basically, for the same reason that if you take 12 people and put them on a desert island with no supplies, some people will rise to the occasion and others will crack up. The Zesk and the Vorox did not have a social or psychological structure that could stand up to a crisis like this. As for Sahmad and Telluris, Sahmad lived part of the time in Roxtus, and Telluris had his hate and his desire for revenge to hang onto (and still went a bit nuts)." [source]


• Lesovikk was friends with Idris and Sarda even before he became a Toa. [source]
• The Great Beings based the explosive Madu fruit of the Matoran universe off the Thornax of Bara Magna. [source] [source]
• As long as the Matoran universe's artificial gravity stabilizers are working up to capacity, its inhabitants cannot tell when the construct arrives on or departs a planet or otherwise moves around. [source]
• A Toa must already be wearing a Kanohi in order to have remote access to a Suva. [source]
• The Rahi Nui was created on Destral. [source]
• In addition to giving a Makuta energy, a Makuta's mask helps contain his or her antidermis. [source]
• Pohatu Nuva will always have an orange coloration now, since the adaptive armor does not change color. [source]
• On the purpose of species in the Matoran universe besides Matoran: "They all have their role to play. If you think of Matoran as red blood cells, for example, well, your body can't function with just red blood cells. It needs other things besides that. The Vortixx, for example, make things that other species use. The Skakdi are bestial and warlike, but they also live in an important region, and by being so warlike, they keep outside invaders away from that region." The importance of Zakaz has yet to be revealed. [source]

• Q: "Mata Nui's original mission was to find the knowledge to reunite Spherus Magna and then do so with Makuta, correct?" A: "Wrong. He was not seeking knowledge on how to reunite the planet. He knew that already. He was seeking to learn about other cultures so that what happened on Spherus Magna would not happen again after it was restored." [source]
• The Great Beings did not have any plans for Mata Nui for the time after he would complete his original mission, nor for the inhabitants of the Matoran universe. [source]
• Mata Nui was fully aware of his mission up until the Great Cataclysm. [source]

• Artakha's experience using the Mask of Cretaion would not give any more mastery over the Vahi or Ignika, since each legendary mask is different. [source]
• On whether Teridax now knows the destines of all the inhabitants of the Matoran universe: "I am going to say he does not know their destinies, because my guess is those records got damaged in the crash. Otherwise, wouldn't he already know his own?" [source]
• In the alternate Spherus Magna universe Vezon was transported into, the Great Beings built the third robot body, and Mata Nui's conscious was transferred over to it as planned. [source]

• Greg's word is that the scene in Bionicle Adventures #3 which depicts heat vision Rahkshi as being able to use their power without holding their staffs and becoming blind immediately after using their power is retconned in light of the current information on the Stars Rahkshi. [source]

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Pohatu Nuva will always have an orange coloration now, since the adaptive armor does not change color.


:lol: poor Pohatu... At least he wears it proudly :P

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