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Alice In Woooonderland

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


After about a month of excitement and anticipation, I finally saw it today! *Fangirls.*


I thought the movie did a really good job of capturing the Wonderland (or Underland =P) atmosphere. They used many of the characters from the books, yet gave them a special twist and more personality.


Alice herself didn't seem to have much character -- some of the creatures/people overflowed with their personality (the Cheshire Cat or even the March Hare), but she never seemed to really define herself as anything but the hero. I could tell what they were trying to do with her, but I think the scriptwriters could have given her more spirit.


The effects, however, were as amazing as people claim. Probably more than half the characters were partly or all CGI (in some scenes, there weren't even any real people at all), but it was incorporated very well. The Cheshire Cat's appearing and disappearing effects are aaaaawesome! =D I'll bet it's even more stunning in 3D.


The Mad Hatter was like Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, an occasional Scottish accent, and an awesome hat combined into a teapot and stirred vigorously for five minutes, then served. Johnny Depp is just really good at playing slightly (or more than slightly) insane yet likable characters.


The one thing I really didn't like about it...


(Spoiler'd for those who have yet to see it)


(If you haven't seen it, don't peek!)


(I know how hard it is to resist clicking that button, but I grant you willpower! YOU HAVE THE WILLPOWER! *Summons globe of sparkling willpower and emails it to you*)...


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...Was the ending. They definitely built up to a bit of a Mad Hatter/Alice romance going on, then just let it down. Although I didn't mind them not kissing (because, as cute as kissing is, let's face it, every single movie nowadays seems to have kissing in it), I felt she should have either stayed in Underland or given more than a quick, hopeful "I'll be back" as a hint that she will return.


Ending on a boat seemed to me almost like symbolizing her sailing away from Underland and moving on to the adult world, as she's moving farther and farther away from the rabbit hole. I was really shocked when they ended it right there. =/ What would have made more sense, in my opinion, would be for her to run back to the hole and whisper, "Just wait for me!" or something like that, then walked away as it faded to credits. What would have been even cooler is, instead of the caterpillar dude reappearing at the end, it turning out that the Hatter had come after her and was a sailor on the boat or something. Then he could have braided his hair and they could have become pirates and bravely sailed the seven seas, searching for dead man's chests and... no, wait...


Fantasizing aside, the ending seemed kind of cut off, like they weren't sure what to use as the ending. My best guess is they're hoping that, if it's popular enough, then can add a sequel. But still... it lacked in... muchness. ;.;


Okay, sorry about the rant. <=D I'm done now, honest.


And, on a different note, here's some random fanart I drew while waiting for the movie to come to theaters!






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I agree with most of what you said, except

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the romance part. It was cool how they were getting close, but falling in love would be a bit far, seeing as the hatter seemed to be like 40, and Alice was like 18 or 20.. Idk but that just seems wrong to me. Anybody else think the same thing?
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Spoiler tags, for the sake of those who may not have yet seen the movie:


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The ending was a letdown. As you said, it seemed to be building towards one thing, but then left us with something completely (and I think unrealistically) different. I was willing to stretch the limits of believability to accept Alice could live happily ever after with an insane maniac, but sending her off the China as an apprentice trade merchant was an ending I'm not sure even Jack Sparrow could have saved.
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You guys are complaing about

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a nonsensical ending to Alice in Wonderland.


Seriously, what did you expect from a story that features the epitomy of nonsense poetry?.

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Well, seeing as Disney took many liberties with it and gave it more of a plot than either of the books had, we were hoping for one that lived up to Disney's standards and not the books'...




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Well, seeing as Disney took many liberties with it and gave it more of a plot than either of the books had, we were hoping for one that lived up to Disney's standards and not the books'...




Personally, I was hoping it would live up to the book's standards and that Disney wouldn't totally massacre it as it has other stories. The ending was a Disney ending, not the kind of ending Lewis Carroll might have written.


Another good ending that would have been in perfect keeping with the books would have been to borrow from "Through the Looking Glass." That book takes place on a chessboard, with Alice progressing from one row to the next until she reaches the final row and turns into a Queen (as a pawn does in an actual chess game). So...


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The final battle takes place on a giant chessboard. Alice "crossed" the chessboard by slaying the Jabberwocky. The ending could have been foreshadowed that if she succeeded, she would become queen. IMO, that would have fit the books better and been a more satisfying ending than the unfitting and I think unbelievable one Disney chose.
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:kaukau:You make me want to see it. I don't really care if Alice isn't the most complex character ever, but hey, at least it sounds like the movie has a little plot, which is better than just randomness.


*checks e-mail and doesn't find any willpower sent by Turakii*


I'm sorry, I had to click the spoiler.


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Okay, a slight romance? Interesting, yet awkward. I haven't seen the movie, so I have no idea how it all worked out, but I kind of like it in that it at least gives the Mad Hatter a little more significance than just being there for the sake of it.


Although, to be fair, if Alice had said "I'll be back" in an unadulterated Austrian accent, it would have been justifiable.


You know what would have been interesting? If the Mad Hatter had followed Alice to the real world.


And then they both find out that the real world is only a simulation created by robots, and that they can do mad martial arts moves and...oh wait, that's not exactly original, is it?


Your Honor,

Emperor Kraggh

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It was good, fun film, but like many others, the ending sucked. :P


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I mean, seriously? Ending the film with a caterpillar/butterfly? He had 5 speaking lines! :mellow: At least end it with an important character, like the Hatter or the Red Queen or something.


You know what would have been cool? Revealing that the real-world Alice was actually Cheshire and cutting back to Wonderland where we're shown that Alice actually stayed. :o

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Dude, that second idea is genius.


I mean, sure, her relatives and such would have been mighty confused once he got tired of it and disappeared, but that would have been awesome, and Disney/Tim Burton probably would have found a way to make it hilarious as well.


Why didn't they ask us for ideas? ;.;



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I saw it in 3D and in 2D just to compare the two and if I'm honest, there wasn't really that much of an obvious difference. But I've never been very impressed with 3D anyway, so...
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