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Change Of Plans

Auserv: Toa-Kal of Emotion


To those who this concerns (that is, Takuta-Nui plus however many people read and don't review :P), I've made a major change of plans for my Dairuno Toa series. I had originally planned for it to be 15 books long - 5 trilogies, of which I am now concluding the second one with The Minister of Destruction. However, I've now made some more concrete plans for my life. As it is, I'm in two relatively easy college classes and I still hardly have time for a chapter every week. It won't get much better in summer, when I plan to get a part-time job. Then I'm in for another two semesters of community college, with potentially some more difficult courses, and after that I'll be done high school as well so I'll be a full-time college student, which will last several years until I eventually have done everything I need to be a clinical psychologist (including some internship). Obviously my original plan of finishing the series by 2012 is unrealistic, since I started in fall 2007 - I would've had to have begun the third trilogy by now, but I don't foresee that getting started until summer. If I was to stay with a 15-book plan, I might not be done until 2014 (at which time I'd be 20 years old), and that's being optimistic.


So I took a look at my long-term plans and decided that some of my planned stories, while cool or good for fleshing out the story more, were ultimately unnecessary, and I managed to cut the story down to ten books. The third trilogy will be compressed into Book 7 and 8, and the fourth trilogy will be entirely contained in Book 9. Then Book 10 will serve as the "grand finale" and cover what would have been the fifth trilogy. My plan is to finish Book 7 by the end of this year, and do Book 8 and 9 in 2011. Then Book 10 will be completed in 2012, ending the series around where it would have if I had been going according to plan.


The ending and the basic plot of the series will not change, but some character development will probably be sacrificed. Instead of, for example, the Dyteeli characters having a book mostly to themselves (as was the plan for Book 11), that story will be relegated to a subplot of Book 9. On the bright side, some of those stories may wind up as short stories that I'll post between books, so the character development won't necessarily be lost, just taken out of the main story medium.


Recommended Comments

*Admits he's a lurker that should be reviewing too*

It's good to hear that you're planning to reorganize instead of simply abandoning entire Epics altogether and I look forward to the intermittent Short Stories as well. (For some reason I really like somewhat random sidestories like your Honey.)


Keep up the excellent work.


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