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Schedule Slippage

If you read What If?, you've probably noticed that my update schedule is grievously slipping. While I promise weekly updates, it's been more like monthly updates. This is because I bit off more than I could chew and started What If? during the summer, thinking I could keep up a chapter a week. As soon as I went back to school the September after the book started (I'm homeschooled, as I've mentioned before in this blog, but I'm taking classes at the local community college), it slowed down. By De

General Dt Series Update

So because of huge delays, Book 7 (which should have been done a month or two ago and instead could possibly take into March to complete) isn't done yet, but I have set my schedule for the remaining three books of the series, and regardless of when What If? finishes, Book 8 will be launched on April 18, 2011. I will begin writing it in about two weeks, so the beginning of Book 8 and the ending of Book 7 will be written alongside each other. That's probably a recipe for disaster, where I'll be fo

C. I. R. C. L. E. "what's In A Name?" Blog Contest

Over at his blog, Toa_Ausar is hosting a contest in which entrants create names for various categories, where the best names will be inducted into C.I.R.C.L.E. fanon (i.e., everyone in the C.I.R.C.L.E. will use the winning names when those things come up in their epics). The grand prize winner for each category will receive copies of Graphic Novels 8 and 9. The contest is open to all BZPower members. If you're interested in entering, click the banner above or see this blog entry for more details

What If?

Coming next month is the seventh book in The Dairuno Toa, What If? The flashback story arc has finally concluded with The Minister of Destruction and we are moving on with where the story left off in In The Dying Breath. The book stars Guutana, Roqini, and Desurk, some of the heroes of the first three books, as they travel down the paths time shouldn't have taken and correct it to the main timeline. In each of the twenty chapters, a different timeline is featured, each exploring different scenar

On Vacation

Well, I haven't blogged in a while, so I'm just writing this to say that I'm on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina for the next week. I have Internet access at the place I'm staying, but for the most part I'll be out and about (at beaches or sightseeing) during the days and will probably be mostly gone from BZPower and other sites I frequent (though, to those who have my e-mail address, Gtalk address, or AIM screen name, I will still be answering e-mails and will try to get on AIM and Gtalk

Change Of Plans

To those who this concerns (that is, Takuta-Nui plus however many people read and don't review ), I've made a major change of plans for my Dairuno Toa series. I had originally planned for it to be 15 books long - 5 trilogies, of which I am now concluding the second one with The Minister of Destruction. However, I've now made some more concrete plans for my life. As it is, I'm in two relatively easy college classes and I still hardly have time for a chapter every week. It won't get much better in

The Minister Of Destruction

I'm a bit (well, actually very) late in posting this preview, but better late than never, right? Coming next week - January 3rd - is the sixth book in my Dairuno Toa series, The Minister of Destruction. It is the last book in the flashback trilogy, and focuses on the origin of the Toa-Kal, who starred in the first trilogy, and their first mission. It also focuses on two races new to my series, called the Vespirn and the Ophinam, who live on an island called Tonryak, a part of the archipelago

I Wrote This, Apparently

Today I found something I wrote for a school assignment from when I was in 3rd grade (that would be about 7 years ago; I was 8 or 9). I have no recollection of writing it, but it reflects my current style to some degree and as such was probably written right when I decided I really liked writing. Here it is:   It's quite short and has a few corny parts, and in general really has nothing on my current writing, but I was younger and not yet serious about writing, so I at least found it quite im

What I've Been Up To

So over the last month while BZPower was down, I managed to write three chapters of my fanfic. I know that it's not much for one month, since normally I have to post two chapters a week. But with no motivation from BZPower, the fact that I wrote the 20+ pages I did is very impressive. So I'll begin posting the next stretch of the story starting on Monday.   Why am I delaying almost a week? Because my computer's hinge has been damaged, making using it very troublesome. I generally don't like sit

A Strike Of Lightning...

No, no, not a literal one. As the banner indicates, I'm talking about Book 5 of my Dairuno Toa epic series. It's already time for it to be posted... Seems like just the other day that I was making this kind of entry for Story Of The Dead. In any case, please enjoy the story! And I'd love to get some reviews too. Now to send out the notifications to the readers who asked for them, and then I'm off to bed.


Some problem with my computer's ability to connect to the Internet has appeared and as such I will not be online often until that gets straightened out. It might be a few hours, it might be a few weeks. Until then, I'll get on from my parents' computer when I can, but will be unable to post any fan fiction since that's all on my laptop. Thus, No More Sorrow, which would have been posted today, is delayed until the resolution of this problem. I do have it finished and it is some of my best writin

Psychology And Writing

Recently, my projected life path shifted a bit. Prior to this shift, I was interested in one thing - writing - and figured I would probably do something like teaching at a middle school to support myself between books or whatever. The idea of teaching never fully appealed to me however. While I was positive from a young age that I wanted to make a career out of writing, teaching was something I had thought of because I like helping people. As it turned out, when I tried to teach my younger broth

Shameful Lack Of Reviews

Haven't gotten a review on Story of the Dead in two weeks tomorrow. Usually I get 4-6 reviews per week, but the last two chapters have been entirely ignored. Are people still reading?   I hope this isn't misinterpreted as being whiny, but if no one's reading I don't really have any reason to stick to my schedule... I think I'll delay the last chapter and epilogue for a bit, seeing as how I haven't written either yet and seeing as how it doesn't look like I'll be getting any reviews for them rig

Updating For The Sake Of Updating

Well, it's been a warm and sunny weekend in a so-far rainy April. Back in the days before whatever it was happened to me, weekends meant a news update on my epic series accompanied by a wordy writing tip. I figured that since my series is indeed continuing here, I had better get back into the habit of weekly updates. Especially since Story of the Dead is two weeks away from its less-than-grand finale (it actually ends quietly and reflectively, unlike any of my other books), meaning that boring t

Reposting Finished

Just noting that all of the work I lost in the "Time Skip" is reposted (the last three installments of In The Dying Breath, the first twenty-one installments of Story Of The Dead, and the short story Honey). Glad to be done with that at last...   In other news, I got a DSi during the midnight release last night. It's really nice. As far as video games go, I'm just waiting for summer though, when MegaMan Star Force 3 comes out. That's going to be the highlight of my summer.

Reposting Has Finally Begun

I reposted the last three installments of Book 3 today. It's late and I'm tired, plus I've got 20 chapters of Book 4 to do, so I'm saving that for tomorrow. Just letting everyone know...   EDIT: Got the prologue and first four chapters of Book 4 up today. This is taking longer than I thought. I'll continue to do as many as I can every day until I have them all up; normal reposting will actually begin next week at the latest.

A Hypocritical Sonnet

This sonnet is dedicated to how bad I am at writing sonnets. It was written while I was hyper (hyper for me means getting 8 hours of sleep and a cup of coffee XD) so don't take it too seriously. It's whimsical with a bit of seriousness in there.   NOTE: In this sonnet, "lol" is pronounced like "lole" (rhymes with "roll").   I can't write, especially not sonnets. My rhymes just aren't quite good enough. What's something that rhymes with sonnets? Bonnets. See? If my rhymes were steak they'd b

What Do I Do Now?

As you probably know, all of BZPower's posts from September 2008 and onwards are gone. That means that all that's left of the Dairuno Toa series on BZPower is Book 1, Book 2, and the first 18 chapters of Book 3. The ending of Book 3 is gone, and so is all of Book 4.   Thankfully, I have almost all of it backed up, and only minimal rewriting will have to be done. But the thing is, there are 24 chapters of my work gone, and because of the whole "one chapter a day" rule, that will take nearly a mo

Book 4, S S C 5, Other Stuff

It's been over two weeks since I've made a blog entry. >_>   Story of the Dead's writing has caught up to its posting. In other words, I now have to pump out two chapters (around 4000 words) a week. I also have at least six (usually more) hours a day spent on schoolwork and several more hours spent on other responsibilities that keep me from writing as often as I can, meaning my writing time is usually limited to about 4 hours a day at the very most. That's 1680 minutes a week for writing

New Short Story

Last night I was digging through the files from my old laptop copied over when it broke. I found a short story that I wrote a year ago. In this entry, at the very bottom, I wrote this:   I finished that short story a few days after that entry was posted, but I never got around to posting the story.   The past couple days, I've been wanting to write a short story. A really thought-provoking short story, better than the other two I've written. So when I found this one that was already written

Book 4 General Update

Somehow I completely forgot to update my blog last week. I apologize for that, guys. D=   Anyway, quick update on what I've been doing with Story of the Dead since my last update. I finished Chapter 13 but haven't moved on much since, and I'm currently writing Chapter 14. I'm maybe a third of the way through it, having just begun the second scene. Unfortunately, this probably means that unless I pick up the pace soon, the posting of the story will catch up to me and I'll be playing catch-up the

Too Many Projects >_>

I'm doing Story of the Dead on BZPower, an exclusive Dairuno Toa series blog from Tyaseri's point of view (called simply Tyaseri's Blog) on another website, and a remake of The Tables Have Turned on yet another website (the latter two websites, although I disagree with this rule, are not allowed to be mentioned here; if you're really interested in reading these, they shouldn't be too hard to find though). Between the three of them I think my brain may soon run out of RAM and I'll need to get a m

Creating A Character

I really don't have much to say about Story of the Dead this week; it's coming slowly lately and I'm still working to jump the hurdle that is Chapter 12. :annoyed2: But I'm thinking as soon as I pass it, I'll shoot ahead, at least until the next snag, which I'm assuming will be at about the time the Dark Hunters arrive, probably not until Chapter 15 or later. (Yes I did just give you a spoiler.)   This is a really long one, so we'll now be moving right along to the...   Writing Tip of the Week

Finally Something Besides My Epic Series

I'm considering doing a feature for this blog called Epic of the Month, where I give an award of some kind to the best-written epic started in that month. To be fair, the winner would be posted on the first day of the next month (so if I do this starting this month, February 1st will be the day the winner is announced).   Um, aside from that, I don't really have much to say. I'm starting to write a new story, that I may someday publish, and I have no idea how it's going to turn out. But the cha
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