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Farshtey Feed (p309-312)



Friday, May 21, 2010

• It would be highly unusual and unlikely were one of the enemy Skakdi or Skrall to make his way into the new society on Spherus Magna. [source]
• Greg envisions the Sisters of the Skrall as having a black color scheme, with robes of dark brown or faded purple. [source]
• Agori are subject to heart disease and obesity. [source]


• Now in possession of all the powers of the Kraata he destroyed, Tahu has become more powerful than he was as a Toa Nuva. [source]

• Greg would guess that the Dreaming Plague wiped out 99.8% of the Iron Tribe. [source]
• It would have been possible, though difficult, for a Glatorian or Agori to have a marriage with a member from a tribe different from his or her own. [source]
• On the Rock Agori's role in the Skrall tribe: "Personally, I think the rock Agori saw the Skrall as their only way to survive and be safe, so they followed the Skrall's lead on things." [source]
• Mata Nui allowed the inhabitants of the Matoran universe to speak and understand Agori, but not vice versa. [source]
• The characters taken by Vezon to the prison of the Great Being isolated on Bota Magna did not feel the rejoining of Spherus Magna, since the Great Being fortress is insulated against any seismic shock. [source]

• A Toa would be able to store Toa power in an object other than a stone, such as a tool or a weapon. [source]
• In general, the heat vision power temporarily weakens the user's vision after use, as is the case with the heat vision Rahkshi, Makuta, Hakann, and now Tahu. Users of heat vision can also control how hot the beams are. [source] source
• According to Greg, it would be possible but highly improbable that anyone would be able to create a replacement set of fully-functional Makuta armor since "creating protosteel that can shapeshift would be beyond the capabilities of 99% of crafters." [source]
• Greg does not suppose that Toa Kaita can perform nova blasts. [source]
• The two Glatorian species members who had lived near the Mata Nui robot's consciousness had originally been put there in stasis, to awaken either when it was time to land on Bara Magna or in the event something went wrong with the ship. They awoke when the virus attacked the ship and were killed in the crash. [source]
• Toa Iruini's healing Rhotuka is designed to cure the physical ailments of living beings. Therefore, it can cure disease or plague and insanity when it is caused by physical ailment, but not mutations by the Pit mutagen, Visorak venom, or infected Kanohi. Iruini cannot use his healing Rhotuka to heal himself. The time it takes for the Rhotuka to heal an injury depends on its severity. [source]
• In the Matoran universe, Greg would see the difference between a disease and a virus as that a disease would be something that affected organic protodermis, whereas a virus attacked AI. [source]
• Antidermis is not a form of protodermis. Therefore, the Makuta were the only inhabitants of the Matoran universe not made entirely of protodermis. [source]

• Greg believes that after his meeting with Tren Krom, Mutran understood that the Matoran universe was a giant robot. [source]
• After the Makuta evolved into antidermis, they mainly used their quick healing ability to heal their allies, since there was no need to use it on themselves. [source]
• Metru Nui's leadership was determined by the fact that Dume was the only Turaga around and hence the compulsory leader of the city; he was not elected or appointed. In general it was thought that ex-Toa made the most worthwhile leaders of Matoran. A Turaga's authority was essentially absolute; he did not need approval from any other body of government, though he might well have consulted Matoran on issues which he did not know himself as closely. [source]
• During the Great Cataclysm, some parts of the land inside the Matoran universe may have been temporarily swamped, but none were ever permanently flooded. There were no tsunamis, since the system was designed to prevent that kind of thing. [source]
• On the rainstorm that occurred on the Toa Metru's return to Metru Nui just before the Great Rescue: "My guess is that was more of a fire prevention system that kicked on as a result of the crash, rather than actual rain." [source]
• When the Toa Nuva ordered the Matoran of Karzahni to migrate to Metru Nui, all that was needed for them to reach Metru Nui across the silver sea was for one Matoran to make it to Metru Nui with a message from the Toa, then Metru Nui would have sent boats out to get them. [source]
• When alternate Teridax detected the death of Teridax and of the Matoran universe robot, he was reading Mata Nui's mind to sense what was about to happen. He was able to accomplish this because he has a very powerful mind and because Mata Nui was in relatively close proximity to the Matoran universe. [source]
• The Barraki could not reach Metru Nui before the fall of Teridax and are now leading their armies out of the Matoran universe. [source]

• The Shadowed One's whereabouts will be revealed in a future serial. [source]
• With Mata Nui dormant, Lewa Nuva will likely have to learn the Agori language on his own. [source]
• The character to result from the Who Am I? contest will appear as a character in future serials, and his or her character will be revealed as the story progresses. [source]


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