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Blogs: How You Can Help



Blogs: How You Can Help



Many members, such as yourself, have wondered how they can best help out in the blogs. It's a lot harder than helping out in the forums, so this guide has been assembled to get you started.


Please note that the first and third sections are simply suggestions you can follow, whereas the second addresses the blog rules.


I. How can I make my blog easier to moderate?


1. By looking at your own blog for double posts or multiple comments of the same message and avoiding posting stuff that isn't allowed, you will help the staff a ton.

2. It helps if you use the "Last Entries" and "Last Comments" content blocks. This allows the staff to be sure they have gone through all the new content in your blog (except content blocks which will have to be rechecked) by simply looking at these.


II. What should I post/not post as an entry?


1. Remember BZPower's advertising, language usage, and politics/religion rules. We don't want to see flame in the blogs, and we don't' want to see content that would be rated above PG.

2. Spam is fine in the blogs, to a degree (though still incredibly annoying). However, posting two comments in a row, or posting the same basic comment multiple entries is not, and will be removed.

3. Helpful entries are encouraged to be posted.

4. If you're not sure about whether you should post something, don't post it. This applies in the forums as well, so you should be used to this.


III. What is the best way to report? *UPDATED*


If you have something to report, click the report button, describe the offense, and a blog staff member will receive the report and an automatic link the the offending content. (Please do not use this to report signatures.)


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