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Blog Lexicon



Welcome one and all to the blog lexicon or the "Blogsicon". This is a compilation of various terms used in the blogs.


Archive: A list of all the entries in a blog by month they were made. You can get to the Archive by clicking the "Archive this Blog" link in the "Blog Links" default content block.

Archive is also a verb meaning to get to that archive.

BA: Acronym for Blog Assistant.

Blog: A contraction of Weblog. It refers to a "log" or "journal" made online (in this case BZP). Sort of like your own mini-forum.

Blogger: Someone who is the author of a currently active blog.

Blog Assistant: A member of the blog moderating team given the power to lock, unlock, draft, publish, or edit entries in all blogs.

Blog Leader: A member of the blog team able to remove or edit comments, remove, edit, lock, or unlock entries and edit/delete content blocks.

Category: Categories are a simple way to organize a blog. If you click on a category in a blog it will show you every entry that was posted in that category.

Comment: A post that a reader leaves in an entry to comment on the entry's content.

Content Block: Small block of content on either or both sides of the entries in a blog. There are a few default content blocks that can be selected or you can make a custom one. The best comparison to a content block would be a side bar to the side of a forum.

Entry: The main, author-written content of the blog. An entry can be about anything (so long as it's BZP-safe). Sort of like the topic in your blog.

Premier Blog Assistant: A Blog Assistant that has all the perks of a premier member as well as their normal Blog Assistant powers.

Rating: This is in the upper right hand corner of every blog. The rating of a blog can be 1 to 5. The rating will not appear until a blog is rated six times.

RSS: Acronym for Really Simple Syndication. In short, RSS is a way for blog author to let you know what new content they have available within their blog. By using the RSS Feed you can subscribe to a specific blog. In short it is like a news feed for a website only in this case for the blogs. You can add RSS feeds as a live bookmark in Mozilla Firefox. For more information on RSS see this entry.

Track: A verb meaning to track the blog in question, or subscribe to it. If you are tracking a blog, then it e-mails you when new entries are posted.


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