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First Entry



Yay For Me.


Egads, I'd never thought I'd ever write a blog. I've looked down upon this kind of activity on pretty much every other website. It's not a bad thing, I just don't find any interest in it. But if BZP has taken it on, then it must be good, right?


Anyway, here's a blog. What do I write? A history about myself? Maybe? I guess I can just comment on stories and artwork I'm working on or whatever.


Or how about a history. I was a kid. Male (incase you still didn't know). :P As a kid, I was into lots of stuff. I got really excited by Power Rangers (the first season) and created my own team, known as "Jason and Fun". Now that I'm older, it sounds really stupid for a crime fighting super hero team, so I make it JAF (aka, title of this bloggy thingy). I got into Lego Bricks with the Aquanauts, stayed in with it through the Alians, Xtreme Team, Johnny Thunder and the Dinos, Insectoids, Rock Raiders, and Soccer. I eventually got into Throwbots, and I enjoyed the new characters alot. From them, I got hooked on Bionicle in the first year.


When I first saw the advertisements for the Toa, I was excited, but didn't think I'd get hooked. But I ended up getting Gali, followed by Pohatu & Tahu, then Onua, and got Lewa as a present, and finally managed to track down Kopaka after checking out many stores. I started the MNOLG when it was about half way through, but never finished it until sometime in 02. I enjoyed the comics, and by the time the Bohrok were coming out, I was hooked.


I got onto BZP in January 03, became an OBZPC a year later, and I've stayed on. I've written more stories than you can shake a stick at, posted a few drawings that you don't want to see, and added a bunch of MOC topics to the BBC forum, including entering 20 contests (although never really accumulating any votes). For a list of most of my accomplishments, check on this topic.


I live in the US (in the Great Northwest, to be a tad bit more specific). I'm in High School, I take AP classes, I'm a Boy Scout, and I have proven myself to be completely insane on more than a few occasions. If you are reading this blog completely, it shows that you must indeed have to much time on your hands. Maybe instead you should read my epics. *hint-hint*


Eh, or not, but thanks for readin'. This concludes my first blogish thing. Now to exit with my favorite smiley.




Recommended Comments

Of course. If BZP has taken tis, of course it must be good.


Remember me? Don't know if you do, seeing that I stopped reviewing Kulagi's Kanoka and all of that... scholl doesn't help >_<. And the exams are coming 2*>_<. Not to mention all of the time that I waste with the Boy-Scouts(but that's a far too healthy hobby, no blame can be put on it, don't you agree? ^_^ Especially with the Jamboree coming up). Nonetles, I'll se if I can read them sometime soon..


Just a thing. You entered Lego with 'Alians' or with 'Aliens'?


(Just to copy you:P); Signing off with my favorite smiley.



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